oh crikey bored now..


3/4 of the way thru day 3 now bored, was feeling great this morning and now Im ready to chuck it all in, just seeing everyone else eat lunch etc throughout the day at work and the different smells of it all, off home in a minute will walk the dog and stuff and hope it passes..:confused:

Lizi x
Hi Lizi, we are actually on at the same time!!

Don't give up now, remember what you want to acheive and keep reminding yourself that feeling grotty is only temporary:D
Keep up the good work.
Yea it will pass. The last hour or so at work always drags! Once you have walked the dog in this brisk weather you will feel invigorated and ready for a nice night in front of the telly after a warm bath. Also, buying some magazine's really works too x
Thanks ladies... fingers crossed I can keep going, its the boredom of the water and stuff I think, i didnt even feel like I needed the milkshakes just something else tasty in my mouth, Im a smoker too which doesnt help as a ciggarette with a glass of water is absoloutly minging..lol dont say give up the ciggies as ive no chance of doing both together..haha