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Oh. Damn.

So, I can't get to my LL meeting tonight due to the snow (I can't get anywhere, in fact, I am pretty much trapped in my house now!), and my LLC can't get into my town from where he lives either.

So, it looks like I'm going to have to go for at least 5 days without having enough packs, as Wednesday is the next feasible time for my LLC to be able to hold a meeting, but chances are it won't be until next Friday :(

I've only had 1 shake so far today, and have 6 left in total; hardly enough to make it work. Even having 2 a day won't last me through, not to mention it not being healthy either.

So it looks like I'm going to have to take a little break from abstinance. I've decided to split the packs up and have 1 each day with 2 or 3 small, sensible meals as I will be doing later on in management.

To try and help me with this, I'm looking at it as a test; a way to prove to myself that all the mental changes I've made over the last 14 weeks can be put into practice.

I know that getting back on it is going to be harder the second time, but I also feel confident that I can do it; after all, I did it once, so I know I can do it again.

I just hope that I don't gain too much in the (potential) week off :eek: but I know that chances are, I will, even if it is just the glyco going back on.

And I know one week of "trying my best" eating is not going to undo the 14 weeks of good I've done so far, I guess I have to just do my best to make sure that the one week doesn't start a downward spiral....... :sigh:

Life's full of little challenges, eh?
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That's tough Pete, but you're going about it in the right way. I guess the key will be looking at it as a 'different' diet/LL week rather than a 'lapse' week.

Sensible eating nutritious food and keeping the carbs down shouldn't do you any harm and as you say could be just the motivation for you to KNOW that you'll not revert to old habits when you come off RTM.

Good luck
is there no way that the LLC can get to you/you get to them before wednesday? it seems a long time to have to wait.

as sean said, don't treat it as a lapse treat it as a different diet week.

i think you have come to far to let this set back get the better of you, but good luck anyway
daisy x
What does your LLC advise Pete? Surely he must have a "contingency plan" for times when people can't make it?

Even if there isn't a meeting until next week, surely he should be available for you to meet up and you to get your packs, like a pop in or something before then?

If not, will he advise you on what to eat. I don't know if you know anything about CD but they have an option called 810 where you only have a couple of packs and a protein meal - so you stay in ketosis. Perhaps he could advise something like that?

I'm sure you can rise to the challenge of course but I think it would definately be better to remain abstinent, although these things can't be helped. Luckily I had already taken 2 weeks of packs this week because I was meant to be away at a work meeting on my class night so the snow didn't affect me.
His contingency plans are usually that he is at the meeting centre every day as his day-job is there as well, but of course the problem is that he can't get into the town from where he lives at all, for his day-job or anything else, same as the rest of us can't.

Delivering them by post wouldn't work either, there's been no post since Monday this week as anyone who has to go outside or drive for their job is refusing to do it due to the 8+ inches of snow we now have; no buses, no taxi's, no supermaket deliveries*, no petrol station refills and no post or post office services. In fact, pretty much everything has stopped this past week!

*I only know that as I had to help my parents out earlier today to walk over the road to the sainsbury's to stock up on what we can, the shelves were going bare and everyone was just piling things into trollies to keep them going for the next week as we have yet more snow forecast well into Monday already :(
Oh and I'm totally not seeing this impending week as a lapse; to me, a lapse would mean that I voluntarily ate something that I wasn't supposed to. I am planning out what I am allowed to have, low carb high protien, and will stick to that instead of the 4 packs - a lapse will be if I deviate from the plan I am making.

But I'm also not making food into the enemy this week either; I'm not scared of having to eat, I don't feel like I don't 'want' to do it.... in all honesty, I just feel like I can do it. But I guess we'll see exactly how it goes.......
Good luck! I think you're going about it in the right way.. Just think of it like a milk week or something?! except with food.


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Well you must do what you think is right for you but if it were me I'd suffer through the weekend on 2 and a half packs a day/boullion and see how the land lies on Monday. Eating would certainly be a last resort. A pretty decent amount of sun is forecast over the weekend I think.

But like I said, it's not up to me. :)


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Hi Pete

I have six packs in my drawer here at work left from my days. Pm me if you would like me to mail them to you.

I have 2 strawberry, 1 X Thai Chilli, 1 X Vege and 2 x Mushroom.



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Hi Pete,

If you want to, you could have some plain Tuna, or plain chicken breast in lieu of your packs, instead of proper, prepared food, if you get what I mean...

They are low/zero carbs, and should keep you pretty much on track as if you had the packs. so you could have a normal weight loss at your next weigh in.

You can drink some skimmed milk if you need to as well...

You can get the minimal extra grams or carbs that would normally be in your food pack from a handful of Broccoli, Spinach, or Lettuce.

Just some info. Good luck whatever you choose :)
I think you've got the right attitude by saying food's not your enemy, because it's not. Well certain food in the past may have been, but you've got it sussed and I think you're taking the challenge on sensibly.

I look forward to hearing how you find it. I get the impression you'll be more than strong enough to get back into the swing of things when you get your next supply.

I like your positive attitude!
what about getting some slimfast shakes? would have thought they were similar? A friend of mine had to have these solely for a week before she had gastric band surgery
daisy x


Guess who's back...?
I would def go for slim fast instead... or something... not food. I know you have a healthy attitude to this, but you can use me as a textbook example. I didn't struggle with abstinance at all during the first 5 months... I watched cookery programmes, cooked for people, went to restaurants etc... and, like you, I didn't think there would be a problem just having the odd piece of protein (my initial lapses were pure protein)... but trust me when I say there is a good chance that eating 'something' will trigger something in you, flip a switch - and, like me, you may struggle to get back to it.

I understand that it's not technically going to be a lapse - but, please please please think about this... I would implore anyone to not eat... it has ruined everything for me, despite my best intentions, and I'd hate to see you succum (sp) to the same fate.

Good luck honey!!

Hi Pete. I thought I was going to be in a similar position to you at the beginning of the week. I even dreamt about it and was so worried. I though I was going to starve to death because I wouldnt be able to get my packs LOL.
But I was being slightly ridiculous and now I think I would have ended up just eating protein and green veg like you plan to do.

I must admit after hearing the struggles that some people have had getting back onto it (and accepting that they probably have a lot more experience than me of LL since I am only in my 5th week) I am still worried about how easy it would be in reality to get back onto it, but I think you seem so focussed and fixed on your weight loss that i cant imagine this would throw you off track.
I hope not anyway!
I have to go away for work next week (and this is the reason I am on LL anyway as I had put on a stone and a half since the conference last year). There is one meal I have to attend and I plan on eating some protein and green veg - I am scared though!!:(
Pete, I know you're strong and sensible. None of us can help the weather situation and I think you're approaching it very sensibly.

I think at your stage in the game I'd go for a compromise: have a shake or two, have a savoury drink if you have it, and make a protein/green veg meal but blend it with water/skim milk so it is like a LL soup. Maybe that way your head and body won't think it's real food? Take a vit/min pill if you have any too so you don't miss out on those.

Thinking of you, and let us know how you get on.


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Coo Pete good luck! I must admit to being snowed in here and panicking but because of my knee op I have 2 days worth of packs over. I know I did the in and out thing for the op but this week has been hell and I wouldn't want to do it again.

You are so strong and so focused you know you can do this, and be sensible about it. There's always the prospect of sunshine tomorrow, literally!! Hopefully there will be enough of a break in the weather for him to get through.

Fingers and everything crossed for you!! :)
Pete - another option would be to go to a chemist and get the Lipotrim diet packs - another VLCD Abstainance diet. Or even Cambridge as far as that goes. Just an idea....the chemist's do not require any doctors approvals, etc., as far as I know, and would keep you on 4 packs a day.

Scary stuff - and I know you are strong, but as Anna said - even the strong can struggle, much to their suprise, so if you CAN stay abstainant, that would be great.

You have a few options. Let us know what you decide! :)
Thanks for all the input and option ideas guys, in the end I've just decided that I'm going to have a sensible eating week.

I actually quite like the idea of a) the challenge of being 'on food' and seeing how I do, and b) the challenge of then going back onto LL.

Being abstinant was getting a bit blasé, felt like there was no challenge to it anymore, and being a person who loves to be tested, I actually think in some weird way I'll enjoy the challenge of being a "restarter"!

So had a good protien-and-veg dinner tonight, had very little as I quickly felt very stuffed! :p
I'm hoping to get more packs on Wednesday if my LLC can make it!

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