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  1. Sue9

    Sue9 Member

    I went out with hubby tonight. Passed lots of restaurants and didn't go in any. Went in two pubs and drank water

    hubby is now sitting at the table with his supper. Chicken kebab meat and chips

    he has just tried to make me a piece and I so wan to but I'm staying strong

    god it smells good
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  3. Sue9

    Sue9 Member

    Don't need help

    Hubby left some in the chippy carton saying " I will leave it there and just have a bit then start again tomorrow". I threw it in the bin, didn't have any

    so proud of myself
  4. Mini

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    Well done for staying strong!
  5. Sue9

    Sue9 Member

    I certainly did and I've been weighed this morning and lost another 1lb that's 5 lb in 5 days

    hubby said this morning " what a shame you didn't eat it I hate wasted food". Ermmm it was your food that you didn't eat

    but to be fair that's what I've always been 'the bin' any leftover food I've eaten

    no more, I'm going to be back in my skinny size 12 jeans by autumn and this time I'm going to be able to wear them with a short top instead of a long one that covers my tummy and thighs

    What I did last time was one week on this and lost 10lb then I went onto slim and save and lost another 25 pound but then I started normal what I thought was healthy eating and it wasn't and I put 2 stone back on

    slim and save is great. It's 3 packs and a light meal or 4 packs. I do the 4 packs but when I was going out I would do 3 packs and something like chicken or salmon with salad and I lost between 3-5 per week. I have lots of packs left from last time and everyone asks why I didn't go straight onto that instead of doing something so severe but for me I need a quick start and I can't go from eating everything to still eating diet food I have to eat nothing then when I go on slim and save it feels like a big treat so I can do it easily then slimming world will be more of a big treat so I do that easily lol method in my madness

    on slim and save you can also have certain types of coke and their banoffee porridge is to yummy. They have much more flavour in their drinks as well such as choc crisp, mmmm tastes like toffee crisp and hazelnut. They also do a chicken curry soup which is lively. Also spag Bol - you get the gist

    This time 2 weeks on this, then on slim and save for 2 weeks, then straight to slimming world, classes are in a church 4 doors from my house so no excuse, they are also building a new pay as you go gym 5 mins away so again no excuse
  6. T1506

    T1506 Full Member

    Thats great sue! What size are you now and how much weight have you lost in total? Xxxx

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