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Oh dear I did that thing your not meant to

Does anyone ever get on the scales before weigh in? I got weighed on Thursday and decided to get on the scales today and I don't think i've lost anything yet and I've stuck to it I think haha if im doing it correctly.
Your not meant to weigh yourself before are you hehe I don't think I will do that again.
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I joined last Tuesday. First weigh in tomorrow, I felt I was doing really well until today I couldn't resist standing on the scales. By the looks of things I haven't lost a single pound. On the old plan I always had big first week losses, at least 5lb. I swore I wouldn't stand on the scales in the bathroom but I failed :( but I suppose this time around I have long term goals and I didn't put the weight on over night so I won't lose it over night. One week at a time and we will get there eventually. They wouldn't introduce the propoint plan if it didn't work so let's just see what happens


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Did that this week. Weighed myself last Wednesday (WI is on Tuesday) and found I was already 2lbs lighter. Woohoo I say. Then I weighed myself again today (again at the wrong time!!) and have gained back a pound and a half. Bleurgh.
Yeah I am a bit worried now I wish I didn't do it but things could change in the next three days hopefully, and Jay some people say it takes a week for your body to get used to the changes of what your eating so you might lose more on your second week? It is dissapointing though, as I also have been used to the big loss in the first week. This is also the biggest I have ever been so feeling quite low right now, and a loss would perk my mood up I think lol
i never had a big loss,,not even on my first week on discover,,half a pound,,boy was i dis-heartened:( anyway first wi on pp this week and i forgot to weigh myself today,,have been doing it all weekend and driving myself crazy,,i'malready trying to come up of weighs to lose weight for next week like no cheese:(
Aw but you have done really well! Just looked at your loses! You don't have much further to go your doing really really well :) We have the same targets and it's good to see that you are nearly there!

It must be hard to change over for you though as you lost that weight on discover and now your on pp. I'm sure you will keep losing it! Cheese seems to be quite good on this diet doesn't it?
quite surprised at cheese and i've just discovered goats cheese and crispbreads and little jam on top,,i've had more than a block this weekend:)kind of sorry i changed over now as discover was working but i need to have support of the meetings:)
Aww i weighed myself today aswell and havent lost a thing this is my first wk on pp and already im putting myself off,ill wait and see how i go on wedensday an if i havent lost ill be dissapointed
I did weigh myself this evening don't have official weigh in till Thurs, but couldn't resist a peek.

Anyway according to my scales I have lost 4lb so far woohoooo, lets hope it stays like that for thurs (or more lol)

But I guess this new system HAS to work as they wouldn't have rolled it in
Haha me too tamla! Let us know how you get on good luck :) My weigh in isn't till Thursday eeeek
My advice is stay away from the home scales if you get weighed at a meeting. I was convinced my weight hadnt changed a bit and was not looking forward to the meeting. Turns out I lost 5 pounds :D so this week I'm avoiding my scales in the bathroom it will only upset my routine ;)
So did you get on your scales during the week or did you just have a feeling? cuz i got on mine again tonight and i swear i've put on! I have been reading articles ever since and feeling low!! lol

Well done Jay thats impressive! I think it's just the trusting the diet as i know the old plan worked and this is all very new. I'm sure it will start to work if i carry on.
Thanks :) I stood on the scales a couple of days ago and it said I was exactly what I was on my first weigh in, from now on I'm just going to stick to being weighed at the meeting. I can't wait for next Tuesday for next weigh in lol :)
Yay I lost 3lbs this week, I was so happy when I saw as thought I was going to be the same or put on!! I now have faith in the diet :)
Charmangel said:
Yay I lost 3lbs this week, I was so happy when I saw as thought I was going to be the same or put on!! I now have faith in the diet :)
Now go up and smash your scales in the bathroom lol. Well done. Great start :D
I was in hospital recently, just 2 days, when I weighed myself on the 3rd day after being admitted I had gone up 5.5LB:eek: - commonsense told me that it wasn't fat, working on the principle that you have have to eat IN EXCESS of 3,000 calories to put on one pound - fair enough I did eat the hospital food, which included a couple of small puds but no way was that a fat increase.

Anyway 3 days later I had 'lost' that 5.5LB + another one..

So as an experiment about body weight fluctuations I have been weighing myself everyday since and despite sticking rigidly to the SW plan, my weight tends to change quite dramatically on a day to day basis, I obv weigh at the same time of day. I can 'put on' 2LB and then 'lose' 3LB the day after, so am not sure what is going on, but as long as I have a loss every week I will be more than happy.
Thanks for that info nearly*there :) I will deff stop weighing myself daily and just at my weekly meeting from now on x x

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