oh dear lord blow out!


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not had a gd time since thursday went out thursday go drunk on codka and diet coke and had a chow mein but then went to the gym on friday so felt slightly better. Then i decided to go on friday night to and oh dear god had a massive blow out drank shots, cider, larger and what ever else was in front of me then had a kfc twister!!! has anyone else had a few days like this and still lost weight im going gym a few times during the week and zumba on tuesday hopefully this will help :S xx x x
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I'm doing Discovery but have found when I've had a good night out ( drinking cider and a curry) I've been good for a couple of days after and lost more than normal. I'm sure it kick starts my system into working better. This is what the Wendie Plan does basically and I use that regularly...... Dont stress too much, we need these blow outs now and then or we'd all get so bored ;-)


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I agree. I tend to have better losses when I use up a lot of points at the beginning of the week and then stick to my 29 for the rest of the week.

(Not advocating pigging out of course!). Your body can become a little accustomed to our routine from time to time so something like this to shake it up can help. Just make sure you point it and plan the rest of your week around it accordingly!

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I agree with Tracer- I always found that when I went off track I would could cut down for the rest of the week and work out aswell - main this is you got back on track though so well done for that.


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Well I been gd all day and im gonna stick to the points the rest of the week and exercise so hopefully it all pans out thanks ladies will keep u posted x x