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oh dear

S: 24st12lb C: 24st12lb G: 19st2lb BMI: 63.6 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well messed up the diet. chinese friday, kebab last night and pizza today :(

i've been slipping for the past few weeks and it's been a bad week this week lots of disruptions and tomorrow is my weight in day and a fresh new start! i need to lose the weight and i want to lose the weight and i know i can do it!

Here's to a fresh start and a smaller bum!!!

Jo x
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Sorry to hear you cheated :( BUT get right back on the LT train - tomorrow is another day, you've lost almost 2 sone in only 4 weeks which is blooming marvellous. You have o keep going, you can SO lose all the weight you want to on LT.

Really good luck. Have you worked out why you cheated? Try and harness how good it feels to have lost the 2 stone and get that willpower back.

Also, have you set yourself little milestones/goals to reward yourself? You could get into the habit of rewarding yourself without food. It works for lots of us, and gives you lots of reasons to celebrate the more milestones you achieve :)

Keep goingm, you really can do this!


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Hi Yoyo

Sorry, I didnt notice your thread until now...so a bit late in responding.

Firstly, what has happened has happened....but, boy you have gone off the boil :) Was there a reason for it? Usually, when I used to have weekends, or weeks even like that, there was a reason. Someone had annoyed me, upset me, or there was something I was running away from!!!

Like Elle says try and work out why you did what you did.

It has happened sweetie, you need to really nip it in the bud now or I hate to think how much more weight you will put on.

You have done so well, dont give in now. You have had a blip...and no doubt you will know soon how much damage you have done. It happens, but try and move forward.

No one can judge, because it could so easily happen to any of us, so dont feel that you are a failure or anything.

Like you said, you need to do this diet, so the sooner you get your head around the fact that food doesnt figure in your life for a while, you will do ok.

Next time you feel like you are going to eat, jump on here and get some help....just sitting typing will take your mind off food.

I am thinking of you - remember the feelings you are experiencing and this will help you next time too..you wont want to feel like that again, not especially since you have done marvellously well!!!

Good luck for your Wi tomorrow and yes, tomorrow is another day and a brand new start.

Take care


Positivity is the key
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Hi Jo,
sorry to hear you felt the need to eat but delighted that you posted it on here. We have all been part of the secret eating society for so long it is good to be out of the food cupboard and telling on ourselves.
I have every faith that you will be back on this diet right now because you spilled the beans on yourself, that is the first step to achieving your goal.
I would look at the week and see what happened and then work out a plan for what I would do if the situation arose again. Eating just isn't an option and if it was someone who annoyed me I am not getting at them by eating, I am getting at me.
Hope to see you posting more and letting us know how you are getting on. Come on here and rant when you need instead of eating. Remember you are worth losing this weigh for.
Wishing you all the best.


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Pick yourself back up and carry on and you will soon remember why you want to do this and how good it feels after those weigh ins


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Whats done is done Jo, were all human at the end of the day and we all have slip ups, but liek others have said youve recognised whta you have done and to come on here and admit it takes great courage. Get back on the wagon girl, were all here for you, if you ever feel tempted again just come on here and tell us, we can distract you until the cravings pass. Remember that smaller bum can still be yours and you very well deserve it. Stay strong and focused as it is all in the mind.

Good luck and take care x


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You have done so well in such a short amount of time, everybody has bad weeks and can slip up quite easily so dont beat yourself up about it. Just think a new week a new start and you will soon have that smaller bum.

Jo x

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