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oh dear.....

Well weigh in yesterday - gained 3lbs. not suprising really i have been drinking rather a bit too much red wine. Really really had craving for rice crispies this morning too.
Last night i just wanted ice cream and toast (not together) - im feeling carb deprived. Didnt fancy anything much for brekkie - sick of usual stuff :(
Feeling demotivated and fed up
Going out friday night to see Ronan so will deffo be drinking (no matter what LOL) just got to be good on the food thing.
Am i doing the right thing on this diet? have even toyed with the idea of moving onto ww :S HELP!!!

Also... am planning on going to whitby in a couple of weeks for the day - what on earth do I have when everyone else is eating fish and chips?????
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You seem to have lost the commitment you had Vicky, you need to get your head sorted and figure out why love.
i think its cos im having bf trouble and when i get miserable i drink alcohol :( i do love love the food on this - maybe im just having a blip.
What Jim said. I'm in a horrible head place at the moment and have brought my journal back downstairs and put it on the breakfast bar so that I can write in it when I'm about to eat something I shouldn't or feeling down etc.

Chin up, you are always so positive and give good advice to everyone else.
I've had a few problems, too, with fluctuating weight. Starting to think I really don't like Phase 3! But I expected this, and I got it.

I have had personal problems too and this definitely makes me nibble more. There are times when you think, why can't I eat like 'normal' people? etc etc. Well, I just can't. Whenever I give myself permission to, I end up fat. End of story.

So! Accept blips as part and parcel of this new life, they are bound to happen and they will surely happen again. It is the bigger picture that matters. And all the time we are eating better quality and improving our health.

We need to let ourselves be human sometimes. Perfection is impossible. Good luck all x
I agree with all of the above hun!

U cant stop living just coz ur on a diet! sometimes you have to do what makes u happy in that moment then just bounce back when ur ready! Just remember to bounce back..
thanks everyone. Well i didnt eat my tea last night felt so sick and this morning my car has broken. Just got into work and now having to fork out to get that mended :S
i think the sickness is worry lol!!!!!!
any one won the lotto recently fancy buying me a new car ;)
well mum helped my get it fixed but on tuesday pm at work i started crying couldnt stop. was off yesterday too. whether ive been ill (i feel sick and hardly ate) due to stress or whether im ill which makes everything worse. I havent been sick today or cried so fingers crossed....


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Morning :D feeling much better (apart from i can feel a cold coming on with bad chest and still not 100% not feeling sick wise :S)
Ronan was AMAZING on friday - I didnt eat anything naughty but did have a few kola kube shots in flares but drank vodka and diet coke all night.
Even went out for tea last night and had atkins friendly dinner - didnt even eat all my main i was full!
Weigh in yesterday lost 1 lb - better than gaining 3 like the week before!.

Whitby this saturday! anyone know how many carbs in fish and chips and tommy k?????
Well done! With Atkins we get a measure of control back - we don't need to have an all-out binge. This means we stand a very good chance of maintaining our losses, long term. This doesn't mean it will be easy, tho! lol.
Good Vicky, that's nice love. Well done


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Good luck in whitby -- I remember being on a VLCD when I went to Whitby and I cried when everyone could eat and I just sat and smelled how delicious it smelt -- then my hubby gave me an option -- he picked off the breading!

I didnt have a huge amount cuz I couldnt stomach it...but maybe you can portion control the carbs?


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Hi Nina - we are going to go to a pub for lunch so i can have steak or something :D and then ice cream lol

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