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Oh Dear...


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I'm not having the best of weeks despite my best efforts. Yesterday I had 2 minted lamb grillsteaks on a red day and there were 7 syns in them, then I remembered the large snack a jack, the biscuit bar and the ketchup/butter on my bacon sarnie - a disasterous day of around 20 syns.
Today I've done great - or so I thought. I had a lovely pack of frozen noodle stir fry in the freezer which I made when I got home from work (back on green today). Being full of veg and noodles I presumed free - BIG MISTAKE!!! 14 Syns!

Not a happy bunny. Don't think there is anyway I can redeem myself this week now as my weigh in is on Wednesday and I had already used my syns for the week :cry:
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Oh no, just draw a line under it and have a good day tomoro, I am doing the extra easy as was a bit worried having to stick to red and green that I would use syns and get it wrong.


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yep I stuffed up today as well !!
had a homemade curry for tea tonight and only went and had a Naan bread with it ......21.5 syns !!!
oh bum
like it says ...draw a line and be good tommorow , weve all done it


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I think we all have our off days from time to time but we find our willpower and get back on it and feel so much better for it


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I'm really not having a good week lol. I'm craving chocolate now too, every advert on tv seems to be for some bar or other - hence coming on the computer to get away from it!


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Stick around and forget the choc keep your fingers busy posting x


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I've decided to use my time wisely and I am making angel jewellery with added magical powers!
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How do you get the SW stars :)


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You can copy and paste them from anyones posts.


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It's all a learning curve. When I first started SW, I would take my book shopping with me. Then I decided I could "guess" what was good and what wasn't... and that's when the syns started creeping in! Often I will try to make a list before going shopping. It really helps.
I do take a list with me but thought this should have been ok - noodles and veg - who'd thought they were worth 14 syns lol.
Anyway, I've decided to have a few days off, even though WI is tomorrow. I'll be back on track on Thursday after a bit of naughtiness.
just count them as 2 flexi syn days..................just carry on a normal tomorrow..........simple...
u have your normal syns eg 10 a day then just add your flexi ones on top.........and u don't have to save or lose any syns the rest of the week....
say u got for a night out then u can have up to 50 syns..........
Well, I decided to get back on track yesterday and had a very good day, the same is going to apply to the rest of the week. At weigh in I had gained 1lb, which in the scheme of things, isn't too bad. Hopefully lose that and a little more next week!

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