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Oh God - support needed please!

Hmmmm having been on top of the world yesterday, I had another cheeky weigh-in on my home scales this morning to find that Ive put on 2lbs!:mad:

I KNOW I shouldn't weigh at home - but it does give me a boost to know that the numbers are going down.

Now I feel really down, and I REALLY want to eat! I'm not even craving bad things - i fancy a bowl of porridge to get me all warm, and then a lush crispy salmon salad. I don't think it helps that it is cold outside and I feel cold all the time.

I know I am well nourished - I'm getting on fine with the packs and enjoying making biscuits out of the bars! I know there is no need for me to eat as I'm firmly in ketosis - so my reaction is purely emotional.

I just cant stand the thought of 100 days without food - I miss it so much.

Gaaaaah I feel this is going to be a very hard day :(

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Come on slimbride you can do it .......... it's psycological hunger as you are in ketosis.

Start yourself a diary thread if you haven't already - thrash out in that why you feel deprived etc - but DON'T EAT!!!

Yes try and stay away from the scales ...... they are evil on a day to day basis as our bodies fluctuate with water retention (even if not TOTM) - When is your next official weigh in??? You know that on 415 cals a day you can't fail but to lose weight.

Drink your water - and then let us know how you get on at your WI and bet you'll be cheering then!!!


Serial Foodie!
you will feel so awful if you eat. that 2lb has to be water or something else. u cannot really gain 2lbs when eating nothing so its nothing to get down about. however, if u eat now u will find it hard to get back into and that 2lb will become a real gain...maybe more besides!

i imagine thats the last thing u want so back away from the porridge!

there is a recipe to make porridge from the packs using p.husks. if u just search porridge recipe on here u will find it and that will keep u going. no need to cheat with porridge when u can have it from a pack.

u can make it to the 100 days and u will be soooo chuffed with yourself when u do. mess up now and u will kick yourself.

u can do this!! keep going. the cheat isnt worth it. i know! ive done it twice and even though they were planned breaks, they messed me up really bad. just not worth it.

good luck. keep strong and u will be rewarded for it.



You shouldn't weigh on more than one pair of scales. I have three sets of scales and there is a 4lb difference between them. It doesn't matter which one I use, as long as it's the same one each time, because each will tell me that I have lost 12lb relative to my start weight on that set of scales. However, if I step on the ones that weigh me 4lb lighter, then the next day on the ones that weigh 4lb heavier, I am going to feel miserable. Don't do it! Just weigh on your counsellor's scales. You know where you stand with those ;)
Thanks guys.

I know I dont want to mess up and I'm doing well - I think that the miserable weather is getting me down as well which doesnt help.

I think I'm more food obsessed than before.

I promise to stay away from the scales.:eek:


Serial Foodie!
yeah i imagine this "no food" lark is much easier in the summer (if u keep away from bar-b-q parties :) ) i definately like to hibernate in winter and eat myself silly :eek: concerntrating on slimming myself silly for this one though...

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