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Oh i think i'm in love!!! :D


is Magdalicious
I know it's completely irrelevant but what the heck, i thought i'd share it with you...
I think i may be falling in love with my new man!!!:heartpump:
Oh he is lovely!! We spent a lovely day together today and we talked and talked for hours.
I finally got the courage to tell him about the diet and to my relief he was very supportive! :D He told me he likes me the way i am but will do anything to help me!
He even offered to set up a training program for me to help me tone up! (he's an ex professional American football player).
Awwww, i'm on cloud 9 girlies!! I just hope this time it's the real thing...
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Playing the Angel
Woohoo, sounds like he is a Mr Perfect! So happy for you, and this blossoming relationship, and even happier he took the whole chat about LL so well. Now I just gotta find me a man like that!! hehehehe does he have a clone out there somewhere? Btw, where in SE London are you hun, I am in SE London too.



is Magdalicious
Oh i don't want to jinx it but so far he seems like a keeper :D
Will find you a man babes no worries ;)
Lots of yummies in my gym lol


dancing queen ;)
so good for you. I also want one of them.lol

LL Gal

Beautiful day
I love a good romance story ... he sounds like a doll and like he has developed feelings for you also. Definitely a keeper eh!
awww, happy for you hun
daisy x


is Magdalicious
Thanks ladies!
Just woke up to a text message from him wishing me a good day! :D
This all sounds too good to be true...


I Can Do This!
He sounds amazing. Hope it all works out for the long term. xx
good for you magiclove there is guys out there that are keepers i have one been with him for 15 years since i was in school i was 15 he was 18 and his the best its just MAGIC WHEN YOU FIND LOVE all the best i,ll have to buy a new hat for the wedding lol x


is Magdalicious
Lol thanks Hun. Lets not get too excited yet!
I've been broken hearted and disappointed so many times that I find it difficult to believe this is the real deal.
Fingers crossed!!!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
ahhh thats sooo lovely , believe youre worth it hun !!! its too easy to believe in the bad ones and miss the good , mines a keeper even after nearly 10 years and hes still the light of my life (even when hes away LOL) so im a big believer !!!!!... besides how can a fairy tale come true if you dont believe ??:eek:)xxx


is Magdalicious
That's very true Sukie! All my friends are telling me that and hey it's been loooong overdue!
So i'm just going to go with the flow and enjoy every minute!
I'm so glad he's supportive of my diet though as i've been quite worried about telling him!
Now we're going to be training together and he's going to come over from the other side of London 4 times a week just to go to the gym with me!!!
Awwwwwww ;)


Full Member
I am so pleased for you. it's great that you've told him about LL and that he is so supportive.

There are great men out there and you can have all the fun of that just in love feeling with someone who does sound like a proper keeper.


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I was just thinking about what you said about it being a long time since you felt this way. Sometimes I think you have to get yourself into that frame of mind where you are taking control, like joining LL and then people around you sense the change and all kinds of new relationships either romantic or just new friendships suddenly start to come your way as a result.


is Magdalicious
Very very true Helenn.
For the first time in a very very long time i feel i'm gaining control over my life again!
Amazing feeling!
Thank you for your kind words!!!

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