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Oh I think it's the Atkins flu


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Blimey I feel awful, achey and so, so tired, completely exhausted and I've been sat at the 'puter all morning. I'm guessing it's the Atkins flu then, just hope it doesn't last too long :(

Am I right in assuming this is my body going into ketosis and in a day or two I'll feel not only better but full of energy too - here's hoping! :)
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Jan - you will feel better soon x honestly first couple of days (even a week for me) were crappy but soon you will feel amazing!
ah, yes sounds like Atkins flue to me Jan, I had it for about 3 days, then woke one morning feeling amazing, still do feel amazing every morning still to be honest. Well unless I've been bad and over indulged in alcohol or carbs. ;)


Alway see the love x
Im on day 3 and Ive had a rough head and really could do with a snooze right now. Shall we just give in and have a little nap? I will if u will lol....

Drink some more water, I feel it helps....

Roll on a few days where we will feel FAB!!

Woofy X


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Oh budge up Woofy so I can snuggle up next to you & have a good old snooze LOL

Just have to get through it then and look forward to feeling amazing! My diet's been so rubbish lately that I can't wait to feeling good again - it's been a long time!

Thanks all for your replies :)
My diet has been rubbish too:sigh:
I think my body has gone in to shock already from just caffeine withdrawal:eek:
Well I was having 10+ cups of coffee a day I suppose! I'm on the green tea today instead.

Hope you feel better soon!
Just think of how much better you are all going to feel. :)


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and once that caffiene has gone there is no point in going back, and trust me you dont need the caffeine
I had a lully sleep but Ive woken well dippy! Sluggish! and couldnt be bothered. Same time 2m, JB? lol

Woofy X
LOL - absolutely! I only managed 10 mins or so & then my phone woke me up, I jumped out of my skin!!
Ive not hit the atkins flu yet thankgod .... got tomorro at uni to get through hopefully without feeling sick... early days I guess as Im only on day 3 today
it got me too now day 4 and ache everywhere so I havent gone to uni
Ooh yes could do with a quick kip, although haven't been quite so exhausted today!

Anyone need a hot water bottle?


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