Oh my god!! i put on oveer a stone!!


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You'll soon be on your way to getting that off again. Good luck :)


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me too 10 pounds...back on track new start x

Mrs V

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Hey Hun..I put on 16lbs over the break, as the others have said it will come off again and you know that you can do it so dont panic!
The most important thing is that you are back at it and working to loose it again, so well done!



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Im back on it today :) just having my 15 mini weetabix :) with my measured out milk with hot water and lemon, have you seen the new food diaries?


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The main thing is you are back on it well done! I have also had a decent gain over Christmas however it has made me so determined to get it back off again!


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It'll come back off my love - it's not a great feeling I know (think we're all sharing it at some level) but on the plus, we're all with you and we can all kick some butt! Go team minimins! xxx


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Oh tell me more will we get new books etc when we go back?? I only had 1 week off but go back thursday.


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Oh ye new books out you have to pay £3 for it but if you do extra easy its more for that! and the new food diaries only have space for 1 a and 1 b option :)