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OH .....MY....GOD....!!! (pic added)

(in Janice from friends tone)

OH ............MY..............GOD..........!!!!!!!!!!

When I go out tonight I will be wearing a pair of white slim fit jeans in size

I never thought I would get back there again! Admittedly they are stretchy but I am in them and they are not too uncomfortable.

Being an apple shape they fit my legs and bum like a glove but are a bit tight around the tummy when I let my tummy out, (nice attractive muffin top tee hee) but if I pull it in then they fit. So...... am going out with a loose top over the top and they look ok.

I am so so so so pleased!!! that should help me stay on track tonight!!!

For anyone who is struggling its times like this that make the diet worthwhile I promise!


Edit -
heres the pic

coincidentally the top is a 12 too bought it by accident god knows how I fit into it as my boobs are a 34G but hey ho it does wonders for my self esteem!!!
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You must feel a million dollars! Have a great evening and go show off your figure while dancing!
Well done what a fab feeling!! Have a great evening X
Yay nice one!!! Bet you'll feel fab all night - size 12's - what an achievement! You go girl!!!!!! xxx
Well done

Fantstic Loss - and Size 12 Wow..
Have a fantastic evening out:D


One day at a time!
Well done - what a reward for all your hard work. Have a brilliant night out, you'll feel a million dollars!
WOW - size 12's you must be feeling a million dollars. Go you!
size 12 well done, my dream is a size 12, have a great timexxx
Well done Jess!!!!!! What size were you to start with? Oh you must be so chuffed! ((((hugs)))) xxxx


Cambridge Consultant

How exciting Jess............. Woooooooooooh Size 12.......... I bet you are over the moon and so you should be hon you have done so well!!
So happy for you! Have a fab evening and feel so good in your SIZE 12s xxxx
Well done Jess!!!!!! What size were you to start with? Oh you must be so chuffed! ((((hugs)))) xxxx
I was a tight 18 bottoms and a 22/24 top depending on the shop! Now Im a 12/14 bottom and 14/16 on the top depending on shop again - with my big bazookas its a right pain for tops - why women want boob jobs to make their boobs this size is beyond me as its a right pain as they arent in proportion and everything looks a bugger !

Unless everywhere else is teeny I suppose and you wear tight tops like Katie Price - which I CERTAINLY dont want to be emulating!!!!! LOL x

Thanks for the lovely comments everyone else it means alot.

And Ju if you read this LOOK......... BONES!!!!!! A sure fire sign we are getting there!!!!! LOL xxx


is back to finish the job
woop, woop! Have a fantastic evening :)

I bought a dress and a skirt yesterday to wear in Paris at the end of the month in a size 14, I was on a high all day! While I was buying them I knew I wouldn't be wearing them for long and I'll be passing them on to my sister soon :D Roll on size 12 for me too!


WILL be Slim!
Love the jeans hun! Where did you get them from?


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You look gorgeous !
BUT !!! You look like you could go for a fitted top with a figure like that !!! GO GIRL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Needs to stop eating!!
You look stunning.....well done on fitting into size 12...Im sure right now you are having fun shaking that size 12 ass lol.

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Hope you're having a fab night. I wore my new very skinny jeans out tonight too for dinner. Like you they fit well on legs and bum but bit of a muffin top so this should inspire me to lose the next half stone. Can't wait till they're a bit looser. Well done you, you look lovely xxx

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