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oh my goodness!! i want chocolate or crispsss...



Mostly harmless
Don't buy it. I get really bad cravings for sweeties (like haribo or something) but *thankfully* it's normally quite late at night so there's nothing i can do about it.

You just have to try and talk yourself out of it.
We all do this at times but I like the way you say "I want chocolate or crisps.............I always want both ;-) so you're half way there!
I eat snack a jacks as they have little fat so are fine as long as you don`t eat tons and tons of them :D

The Caramel ones are quite sweet too, So should help with the cravings Xx
I have days like this too for no good reason (sometimes TOTM though) You just have to do your best and try to have some low fat stuff in the house. Tesco baked crisps are great (nicer than Walkers I think). Stay strong!

KB x
Oh I was where you are only last week :eek:

Gave into temptation, gained 3 lbs and felt so unhappy :cry:

The feeling of disappointment was horrible, try to be strong!

Snack a jacks chilli 'crisps' are tasty and low fat, or ryvita minis.

Good luck, hold on tight to that track, don't fall off :D


Mostly harmless
I get absolutely starvin' at totm. Very annoying.
thanks girls,
i did stay strong i went on my excerise bike to suside my cravings whoo hoo!
well proud of myself :)
hope u r all well xx
Well done you! :D

Just discovered this afternoon why my cravings and downfall happened last week.....TOTM :rolleyes:

I'll be better prepared next time and refuse the cravings :)
Ahhaa....that might account for some of the 3lbs too! The damned fluid retention!!
So true Alex! I'm hoping it does account for some of the 3lbs gain. It explains so much, I should have realised. I was shopping like a woman possessed, or someone who hadn't ate for a month. :8855:

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