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Oh my - I actually now enjoy my shakes

Good to hear it!
Your taste will change (quite a lot in my experience) over the course of the diet (be that CD, LL or LT)

I attribute it mainly to ridding your system of all the junky/sugary/crappy foodstuffs and after some time, your body not wanting or neeiding such things anymore - as such, our "normal" tastes come through; I never through I'd crave carrots and parsnips more than Heroes and Quality Street, but on Xmas Day that's exactly what happened! lol

Good luck for the rest of your LT journey :)
Thank You :)

I know it can seem a long road ahead at the start, but you'll be there before you know it; it barely seems a day ago that I started, somehow that has become almost 9 weeks!! No idea where the time has gone!
hiya this happens to everyone as pete says once the crap is out of our systems our tastebuds change
have you tried the chicken soup very nice

keep strong together we can do this

xx Sharron


Below 190lbs... wohooo
Am loving the chicken soup (add some chilli and black pepper tho). I think it's easier to stay motivated as I know it will take me a lot less time than with a conventional diet. Just can't wait for first weigh in


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Hi there,
Perfectorchid, great to hear that the shakes taste good. I restart tomorrow and I so want them to taste as good as they did the last time. Taste buds generally adapt to whatever you give them and in the last few weeks my taste for sugary stuff has revived. I look forward to regaining tamer tastebuds and losing lardy fat! Well done to you for making it through to day 3. You'll be glad you did at your first weigh-in!
Almost 2 weeks into Lipotrim, weigh in on Tuesday and although I had Christmas day off and a couple of small meals xmas eve and boxing day I feel that I have still lost so cant wait to get on those scales. Cant say that the shakes taste any better for me but at least they dont make me gag anymore which is a bonus!

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Same here about cravings, before anything savoury especially chips. Now craving chicken tikka and salad!!:)XX
im craving a spicy italian sub! and i have been craving it for the past 8 weeks! but i will not give in to subway!!!! NEVER... lol. but believe me thats been the hardest bit for me considering i used to walk past subway every day on the way to work and back :)

blue eyes

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Dont give in its not worth it and you wouldnt enjoy it! Bring on the shakes;)XX
after a while you stop craving things! ... when i had a break from lipotrim the first time i did it i found that i hated most foods. they just didnt appeal to me at all. and almost everything made me feel sick. even now ... like the thought of having a mcdonalds makes me feel sick ! thats a good thing :)
it takes a while to get used to them but glad to hear ya are liking them, I still can't stomache that strawberry one, yuke


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Hi Donna81!

Day one nearly out the way so far so good.
Welcome aboard. Be 100% determined for the first few days; it gets easier after that. You'll be so glad you did :).

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