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Oh my i am excited!!!

Hello to everyone on here :D I am back on minimins and have found this alternative to the Cambridge diet. I was about to start CD next week, after losing quite a bit before, but this feels so much better and the price of it means both me and hubby can afford to do it at the same time :D I have about 4.5 stone to loose, and i want to be well on my way for my birthday in April, as i do am refusing to be fat and 30!!
I am looking forward to meeting everyone and making some wonderful friends along the way.
I'll let you all know when my delivery comes and the day i start on my journey to slimness x x
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Good luck K8te... ur clearly very enthusiastic!! i've bought my first lot too and i've set the 3.01.11 as my start date... tried a couple of the shakes though and they are lovely so I can't wait to start... GOOD LUCK x x
Thankyou, i am very excited. I cant wait to be slim again, and this time is the last time! I am waiting for the newsletter to come through as i want to order the 1 week supply also so i can try the soups and bars with a 35% discount, as on the cambridge i only had the chocolate tetras, as all the other flavours where a bit minging to me :p

Good luck to you also, i hope my comes asap, and we can do this journey together x
you might find exante shakes better hun as I find them a lot milder than cambridge not nearly as strong and creamier... quite yummy actually! i'm just going on the website now as i want to try the soups.. hope you get it soon! x x
I hope they are nicer, just got my discount code so purchased one each of the soups and bars, and if they are nice i will buy the mixed bumper pack for next time, next day delivery too so may even be here tomorrow, but i wont start until next week, as for once we are celebrating new year!! Whoop Whoop xx
Hi k8te and welcome!!! It my first day today on exante and I still have that excitement, which I'm sure will wane with time lol I've just had the vanilla shake and although i can't compare it to any other vlcd, it tasted really nice! Quite creamy and very filling! Xx
Hi all,

I'm new to minimins too, have been on Exante since Dec 20th but had Xmas day and Boxing day off although I was practically an angel! Basically went home for my Dad's 60th and couldn't get into the outfit I had packed for the party......I was mortified! When straight to a pharmacy, bought a box of Celebrity Slim to last me until my Exante order arrived and have been mentally on it ever since! I have made the difficult decision not to weigh myself on a regular basis because I have a tendancy to punish/treat myself based on the results. Glad there are a few new starters here too for support! I have 5 stone to lose, so think I will be here for a while!!



I will never give up
welcome to exante you should go to the diaries section and keep updating progress on there. good luck.
I've just started today. I had vanilla shake for breakfast and the toffee, nut and raisin bar for lunch. I did start to feel sick after the shake but I had some anti sickness tablets on hand and feel fine now. I am feeling really good about having started.
Welcome to our merry band :) and good luck as you start your Exante journey.
I'm 12 weeks in now, and still finding it exciting, as it's getting me to where I want to be. I'm even starting to notice that my body shape has changed when I see myself in the mirror (It always takes ages for my head to catch up!)

Good luck xx
Thankyou what a warm welcome, thats why i love this site!

Wow so teetiefunk & boleyna how have you both got on today?

Did food shopping today, and was so nice to think i only got to get enough meals until next week for me & hubby, and the it's just the kids to feed x
Hi k8te! Yesterday was a big struggle I'm not gonna lie, by 9pm I was going to my bed as I was sooooooooooo hungry. I felt sick too. Was a lot better this morning although was dreaming of food last night lol but I was 100% and I've got over the 1st day so I will stick to it... Have to work today but no patients so far so I'm on mini for the duration lol!!!
At least you made it through the day though teetiefunk, i remember when on CD i was going to bed really early until i was in ketosis, or having a bath and doing my nails. So what do you do for work?
I'm a dental nurse... Just on my lunch it's not been too busy today but I've been very shaky and that's not good lol got a foggy head too but apart from that just having my bar and some water... Maybe even stretch to a cup of black coffee lol

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