Oh My Word!!


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I've just (okay, about an hour ago! lol) finished Davina McCalls 'Power of Three' DVD. I'm actually worried about tomorrow! :eek:

Why am I worried?? Well last Sunday I did the warm up, legs and bums section, and cool down... and I was in pain for two or three days!! Well today... I've done the whole DVD!! The warm up, legs and bums section, upper body section, abdominals (with some bum thrown in) section and cool down!! I have to admit I felt it.

I do try, but can't always do the one minute intervals they throw in about three or four times into each section... So if I'm struggling I tend to just walk on the spot, and maybe throw some arm movments in as well, just to get my blood pumping.

Abdominals hurt... and as I was doing them I did think "I'm never going to be able to do this whole DVD without having to relax off a bit" but then I completely changed my mind frameset and started thinking "I've got through the whole DVD - yes I've had to step back a bit, but I've done it.. and if I keep doing it I WILL be able to do it all!".

I feel really good about it... Just hoping I can stay motivated enough to do it again on Thursday.

That's another one of my new 'mindset' things. I usually set my goals too high... Do a certain amount, too soon, too often. I've decided to do this DVD three times a week, that's all. I really think I can do it! Wish me luck! :D
It's a great DVD though ;)

My fav :)

My tip of the day would be to do it first thing in the morning before your brain works out what you're doing :D
Well done Sparkle!!!

It is great when a new light switches on in our head.

Love Mini xxx
Hi Sparkle

You are far to energetic for me! Good luck for tomorrow.

Dizzy x
Hi Sparkle

Your post made me laugh as I bought the DVD too - did the whole thing through the day I got it and could barely walk for three days afterwards:eek:. I am still doing it regularly and have now also joined a gym and the great news is I was surprised how quickly it gets easier. After only a week or two I could do much more and ached much less:D

Keep up the good work - best of luck to you and your abdominals!