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Oh My!

I'm still trying to decide whether or not to re join WW, I can't do anything until next week as I'm having surgery later this week. I've been having a nosey on the message boards on the official WW site, just reading any and all posts about the new plan to help make my decision. And my oh my, some of the posts are from a really negative POV! :eek:
Whether people are happy with the plan or not, I found some of the posts very off putting-imagine what it portrays to the total WW newbie!
So that got me wanting to know-what's everyone's opinion on the new plan? Obviously it was only really launched yesterday, but for those that have been following it for a day or 2, or those that got to trial the plan, how are you all finding it?
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i switched from sw and im loving the plan, i think alot of it really is tricking my brain because it seems like alot of points and you get your slosh fund of 49. But i honestly have not been hungry, had chocolate today and yesterday and im finding the plan easy to understand (probably because i havnt really followed ww properly before so im not getting muddled up with plans) and can see this being part of my life now, something which i have never said about any diet
I'm avoiding the ww forum for a while, I was only on the other plan for a week so I hadn't had chance to get too familiar. I think a lot of it is panicking because its change but we wouldn't get anywhere if we are always like this all the time, and we all joined ww because we needed to change. So I think you will get the nay-sayers for a few days its inevitable, but once the first weigh in is done I suspect it will quieten down.


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Personally i'm really enjoying it! WW never really took my fancy before as I didn't like the idea of 'maximum' points. I knew my head would rebel and it would automatically want to eat more even if I wasn't hungry. Now that the onus has changed so that my points are the minimum I should be having I'm more than happy to plan my day to those exact points since I know I have the safety to be able to dip in if I need/want to. It makes me feel in control.


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Not all of us are grumpy on the WW Forums, honestly!! I think most people are negative because they are not sure of change, Im sure they will be fine once they get the hang of it. I cant honestly say I am noticing a lot of difference with the new plan, (apart from feeling more full), just more time consuming at the moment whilst I find out the new points values on everything. But same as the last plan, once i get the points values in my head i will be fine
I think a lot of people are just anxious of change, if the old plan was working why are they changing it! But they wouldn't change it to something that wouldn't work. I hope my first weigh in is good. I'll find out on saturday. I love the new plan, especially the extra fund just because you can dip if you want to but i always add up to 29 and don't really think about it unless i run out and i haven't had my chocolate fix like earlier! Had to use 5 for cadbury wishes! lol
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Most of the negativity, as far as I can see, is related to the fact that people were not told when they bought products recently that they would be obsolete. Especially as they were enticed with sales!

That is the only bit that I'm negative about. My favourite WW book is a Pure Points one so VERY old and I will need to convert all of the recipes. I've been on the new plan for one day and am stuffed (just went over into my weekly allowance by 1 point due to a mistake at work!

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