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oh my...


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guys, i've joined a new gym, and i've really been working hard, HOWEVER, the classes are taken in a room which has 2 fully mirrored walls. I caught sight of myself, and I'm mortified. i'm a fat beast. cant tell you how horrible i feel. :eek:

really got me down. i'm going to really need to knuckle down.

when i have an argument with my boyfriend, i can do the "silent treatment" for days, if only i had the same willpower when it came to food, i'd never have been on xenical!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :sigh:
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awwwwww bless, your in very good company! ive been on the zenical path for over a week now, if you stay on the path and beware of the mooon, lol lol.. there will be no horrid side effects!!!.. good luck and stay positive..


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I used to hate the mirrors at the gym (I'm sure they're slightly bent to make u look bigger than u are so u carry on paying ur membership fees!
I much prefer running although I kinda feel like a gazelle in an elephants body at the mo lol just started a fitness class at local centre and was pleased to see NO mirrors :)

week 1: -7lbs


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lol... but do know what you mean!!.. ive been a couch potato for far to long!.. hence the wobble,, but feel much more confident now! not just with the weight loss but the whole "keep it off attitude".. think thats the toughest thing. ive done some right bizarre things lately.. had coffee up town the other day and left the free biscuit!!.. and walked back from town today 2 miles! and it was quite pleasant! ill be devastated if i dont drop a few lb,s on sundays weigh innnnn!


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i know where i go wrong, i know when i eat too much, when i eat the wrong things and dont burn off the calories. many of you already know i'm a baker in my spare time, which makes things v difficult. whats worse than all of that though is seeing yourself in a mirror looking like a bloody water buffalo whilst the rest of the class hasn't even sweated a drop. i mean its completely and utterly depressing.
i have a guy who i used to be friends with years back on my facebook and he goes to the same gym as me. yesterday i done 2 classes back to back, and after the first one (a very energetic step class) i was like a burst couch, anyway, i stayed for the second one (body pump) and seriously, the guy didn't even see me, he was TWO PEOPLE AWAY! i swear he was either mortified at being associated with me, or my RED face made him not recognise me!!

anyway, i didn't gym tonight, came home from work via the supermarket and have made a cherry bakewell cake for work tomorrow. I WILL NOT HAVE ANY CAKE, I WILL NOT HAVE ANY CAKE, I WILL NOT HAVE ANY CAKE, I WILL NOT HAVE ANY CAKE.....


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ps, didn't weigh in on saturday past due to the leg/kidney problem you will also be aware of if you've read my previous posts. leg keeps swelling up to almost double the size, felt there was no point in weighing in as sometimes it adds upto 8lbs x
Hi Zoso,

How is your leg - still bad? - have they found out the cause yet?.
I no you don't no me at all but do me a favour - STOP PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN!!!!!, we are all people not fat beasts we are on a mission to become healthier people and we will get there :)

And your so - called friend at the gym well we have all got them in our lives i expect BUt ignore him they arnt worth your time or effort, You prolly have better people in your life anyways
Just concentrate on getting that leg better and stronger then you can give that gym hell :)


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hi ken, i'm good thanks, how are you?

leg is still a pain in the arse. have a pelvic scan on 28th july to check for anything sinister, so i'm hoping that goes ok. still taking water tablets though, which is a pain!

havent been to the gym since wednesday, though am starting back this week again. bought a dress yesterday (well, bought 3 dresses!!) and my fave of the 3 is still a wee bit tight on me, however i'm going to a wedding at the end of august and this dress WILL fit me by then!

gyms have mirrors to motivate , it helps to be able to see yourself and also see yourself do a exercise movement , if we look at our selfs we tend to make sure we do it properly dont worry just use them to your advantage xxx
Gym mirrors are the biggest de-motivator to me! I cant bare to look at myself, makes me hate everything about myself!
i know i was like that at first but it gets easier and then when you exercise without them you really miss them, i speak from expierience i started at the gym at a size 28. x


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its just a nightmare though, isn't it? they are there to motivate, i know that. its just when i look at myself all i see is horrible. i really truly have to mend my ways. so easy to become demotivated at times.
congratulations pink, you must be completely over the moon at how much you've achieved. you look like a different person all together. would love even to have a third of your success.

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