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Oh my...


Well I can safely say, there will not be a weight loss here tomorrow for me! My own fault!!! I have just calculated my syns for this week... 159!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek: I am horrified!!!! Hey ho, not going to get down about it, as I have had my friend over and I had a lovely day out with my mom! It doesn't happen every week... also what with moving house this week too and 'emptying' my food cupboards as I haven't done a weekly shop as such. I am just going to get up tomorrow morning and get on with it and make myself get back on track! x
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Ha ha, what I thought was a bit more offensive than Oops! :giggle: I did have a chinese and pub fish and chips... along with lots of wine! So it's a well deserved gain! :D If I STS I will be a VERY happy person! Thanks for the good luck x
Oh I did hun! As I said it don't happen often and me and my mom are best friends so to be honest I am not going to be holding back on the lunch when we haven't done it in the past yr xx
That's a really great, positive attitude to take. There will always be things like this where you need to just forget the plan for a day or so and enjoy a special occasion. The fact that you can do that so cheerfully and just get back to normal, accepting a STS or little gain as the price you pay, is wonderful and will see you right in the long term.

This is another thing I've noticed that's changed dramatically in my own attitude since switching to Food Optimising as a way of life. Last week for instance, we had an old friend down from Scotland for the week. We ate out several times, and I suddenly realised that I just enjoyed it without any guilt or panic whatsoever, because I knew I'd be back to normal this week. In the past when I've been on 'diets', I'd go into a complete spiral of despair if I had something I 'wasn't supposed to have'. I'd think, oh well, I've failed again/blown it, and sink straight back into a pattern of daily bingeing.

I love the changes this plan has made to me physically, but almost more importantly, the changes it's made to me psychologically. It has changed my brain, my whole relationship with food. Nowadays I automatically do what 'normal' people do - I eat well 90% of the time, but when I have a special occasion I enjoy it, don't worry, and just get back to normal afterwards.

I'm glad you enjoyed your lunch with mum etc. So you should! Well done for having such a great attitude. :)
Elizabeth, you post is so lovely! Thanks so much for your word of encouragement, it means so much. I am being positive as there is no point in lying to myself (which I have done before)... at the end of the day, I have eaten and drank that stuff... I have to face the consequences! Thanks again hun, it means a lot xxx

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