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Oh no, got to re start :-(

Hi everyone,
Well, where can I start? Back in 2007 I was 14st 10lbs and decided to start LT as I wanted the weight off QUICKLY! Within 7 weeks I was down to 11st 5lbs and a size 12-14.
I have always been on the ‘chunky’ side and I felt amazing at that size, however, I then met a bloke and he decided it was acceptable to continually call me fat, tell me I needed to lose more, that only size 10 is attractive etc etc. He would even go so far as to order food for himself whilst we were out and not order for me. So, there I was, newly slim and really needing help to find a sensible diet to maintain my weight but instead I got abuse.
This led to me developing very strange eating habits, such as I would stay with him all weekend and not eat in front of him, I used to sneak to the toilet to eat a bag of crisps or a chocolate bar. Then when I got home I would eat anything I could find as I was so hungry. Eventually he dumped me for gaining 4lbs!
Anyway, after that I developed a stick two fingers up to the world attitude, if I wasn’t attractive slim, I may as well be fat and so I ate, and ate some more and then ate even more. I was soon back at 14.10.
Then I met a new man, he was big too and he loved me as I was, but then of course we ate together, take aways, crisps, fast food etc. This was by far the worst eating pattern I had EVER developed. I decided just to never get on the scales, stuck to wearing only my elasticated clothes and so, even though I knew I was gaining more, I was in complete denial.
Anyway, I realised my life was on a downward spiral with him and so I left and went back to my Mum’s. This is when I realised I was a mess. Not only had I piled weight on, I wasn’t taking as much care of myself and I just didn’t recognize the girl in the mirror.
So a couple of months of my Mum’s TLC and I am taking pride in myself again, had my hair and nails done, got some fake tan etc and aside from the weight I am feeling a lot better.
So Tuesday night I decided to face the scales. I recoiled in horror as 17.4 flashed up on the screen. There were tears but most of all anger, how can someone who resisted food for almost 2 months to get slim let themselves get so fat?!
Anyway, having made a few half baked attempts at LT between the last time and now, I had a few sachets left so started on Wednesday. Until I go to the chemist on Monday I am weaning myself onto it by having 2 shakes a day and a chicken breast with veg for tea (similar to CD 790) and this morning I was already down to 16.9 J Good start!
I feel so daunted by having 6 stone to lose (well 5stone 9lbs now!) but I will just have to try and take it one day at a time. I’m trying to keep the mentality of ‘every day you stick to it is another lb lost’ and hopefully this will see me through!
Has anyone got any 6 stone losses to wow and amaze me? And is anyone in a similar boat who could be a diet buddy? I really look forward to getting to know you all and sharing this journey xxx
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hey ya,

sorry to read such a sad story...but you come to the right place. everyone in here is lovely and will help to keep you motivated.

I am re-start too! i lost 4 stone last year and have gained nearly all. i started at 18st 12 days ago and have lost 12lb so far. I have about the same as you to lose and hope to have at least half of the bulk gone by crimbo.

If you are determined enough (which you sound like you are) then you can so this, you have done it before.

We can do this together...ready set go...race ya to the finish line

lots and lots of luck xx
Hello and welcome , you are in a strong position now as you have done this before so you know how it goes. You sound very positive now so good luck with your journey xx
Thanks ladies! I've struggled massively today, I'm almost in tears from the hunger. But I know I can do it!

Seriously think I'm just going to go to bed though cos I can't quite cope with today xx
Drink plenty of water it will help. once you get into ketosis you will start feeling better. occupy your mind with other things. Read a book have a soak in the bath ans just relax.

(((((squishy hugs)))))
Welcome to the forum bat, and well done on getting your life back on track.

You should really take pride in what the scales told you... In a weird way. they gave you the motivation to change another part of your life for the better..

Although this diet seems hard, it will get easier, and after reading your story i think you are amazing!! To be psychologically bullied by someone because of your size is awful, but you got through that and became stronger because of it. This inner strength was probably what made you strong enough to realise that the second man was not good for you either.

All your experiences prove that you HAVE got the motivation to do this, and more importantly, you are doing it for YOU!! :) :)

Good luck on your journey, and this forum will always help you x x
Good luck, i hope everything works out well for you xx
Hi Batlo8,

Welcome back!

I know how daunting it is to be going through this again but good on you for doing something for yourself, in no time at all you will look like the polished diamond you are sparkling away on the inside and will meet a lovely gent that will adore you as you are and encourage you to be what ever you want to be.

Good luck, time'll fly by,
Kirstie :)
Thankyou for all your replies and sorry I havent replied sooner, my internet has been down.

Well I have managed a week and a half on the shakes so far and have lost 1st 2lbs! I cant believe it!

Feeling so motivated now! xx

Fantastic loss, and i hope your motivation continues x x
That's a fantastic loss, well done you!:D
good luck on restart - im a restarter too! been a very bad boy!
Hi and great to see you are on the road to self healing in mind body and spirit. I can understand to a certain degree of what you've been through with the domestic problem and wish you all the best with your journey. I also now have 6 stone to lose now and started this plan in august with a touch over 7stone and half to lose. You'll shift the weight in no time and really are part of a Great Community on here.

Good Luck



Fighting for My Health
Yep, I have a lot of weight to lose too (It's daunting isn't it :( ). We'll get there though. Just got to grit through the rough times! ;)

You've done really well so far. Keep going!

Hi jayne,

yup it really is. I think half of it is anger at myself for getting to this point. It sounds so silly but I just didn't realise it'd got so out of hand.

Anyway, trying to keep my positive head on. Onward and downward! Xx

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