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OH NO I Cheated!!

Hi All,

Can someone please offer me some re-assurance? I had my third weigh in yesterday and only lost 3lb, any other diet and i would be very pleased, but yesterday i wasn't as had a very tough week, came home and chse to eat, only chicken and a few green beans but as soon as I finished I feltthe worst guilt ever, I didn't have any packs yesterday and loads of water, to try and flush the food through my body!! Can anyone please tell me if this will have completely messed up my weigh in for the week? I am going to be 100% again this week thats for sure!:cry:
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First of all - never skip your packs. That is crooked thinking at it's best.

Just put it behindyou and make better choices next time.

If you would have been happy with another diet, why weren't you on this occassion? You will not have massive losses every week like the first two - 3 pounds is a GREAT loss for one week. (Feel a bag od sugar - its heavy!)

Get your head more focused on the diet. Be happy with your losses as they all add up to one thing: GOAL.

Good luck - but don't mess with not having your packets. That will not help you at all, and could make you ill/.

Good luck - just put it behind and press on. :)


...we're sinking deeper.
Indeed... NEVER skip your packs: that does more harm than good. ... If you lapse treat the next day as a brand new day. NEVER bring guilt into a new day - because that is exactly the kind of behaviour that leads to break down and often failure to follow through with a diet plan.
The bit of chicken and green beans will not break ketosis. However since you're on the abstinence I don't suggest you replace any foodpacks with a meal.
Look at the behaviour pattern from the other day and write down your feelings, and reasons that could have led to you wanting a meal. Have a look as to why food was a 'comforting' feature here. Is there anything else you could have done to relax after a stressful week? A bath maybe, or a nice relaxing sofa evening? Don't feel guilty because this is a learning experience. We have all had these sort of lapses but the way we go about it, is to learn from it and keep going forward. If a similar thing happens again, we will deal with it better.

Yes? :D Now, calm yourself down... and don't skip packs by all means. It's ok!


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I dont think i can really add to the ladies above, but i will say, stay in there and do not beat yourself up about it, even the best of us lapse, just remind yourself of your targets and why you are doing this. Food will never run away it will always be around so you are not missing out.
What happened, happened. Feeling guilty cant change that, so dont waste your time on it; put it behind you, and start again from now.

some chicken wont wreck your ketosis, but eating 1 thing can lead to eating more, and more, which will wreck it.

So, put your foot down on that niggling little voice in your head, squish it flat and tape it's mouth shut!
Thanks for your reply's everyone, I am having a much stronger week already this week, so am hoping it was just one of those things that I can learn from, and consider that nagging voice in my head well and truely squished:p

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