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oh no ive messed up!

please tell me we can have stilton?

ive just had stilton, broccli and watercress soup from the canteen at work...

just looked at recipies for it and it could have potato and milk in it!!!

i dont even know what the heck is in stilton!! stupid question.. does it have any animal fats in it?!
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oh no feel so crap! ive been soo good all day! i duno why i had it! aagghh well i will just ahve to limit my carbs for this evening and hope for the best!
don't panic. we've all done this kind of thing!

just cut back a little as you suggest and go on as normal.

it is a tiny blip, not a disaster.

you will be fine.
Well WI today shows i have managed to put on 1lb since last night! great! feeling a bit down as this is day 5 and im not in ketosis. All week ive been really good i think and because of the blip yesterday i sufferd on WI day.

Dont worry im gona keep going as I always seem to get this at the start of a new diet! I never lose straight away like normal ppl do!
Stilton is OK but you're right the soup probably did have milk and potato.

Like others have said, it's a blip, we've all done it. just get back on track Sona.
thanks jim!!

back with my eggs n mayo for brekki!!
early start at work today so ive made myself a snack salad aswell!!
woop.. lettuce, 3 cherry tomatoes and cucumber with a twist of mayo and pepper and a layer of grated cheese!! its just a small salad but i thought i would trial it before making a meal of it!
Oh nooooooo i messed up again! damn it! *kicks herself*

I had diet coke last night! apparently ( i was reading) that diet drinks can cause stalls and even gains!! Damn it! ok no more diet drinks im gona stick to water and fruit flavoured water if i can get away with it! I just dont like the water at work and cant swallow too much water if i dont like it! do u think i can put a tiny bit of dilute drink in a 1.5L bottle just a teeny weeny bit to give it a hint of taste?
I drink green tea, normal tea black (decaf) and loads of water Sona.
Hey sona don't worry. We've all had our moments or ate something that had more carbs and etc. just jump right back in there and don't give up. If I could give you some advice just don't drink diet sodas and stick with water or tea. I don't drink sodas anyway but I know they have that artifical sweetner which can cause you to stall.. I think someone mentioned Fanta with splenda but if you could just leave the sodas alone. also I read everything on the back of boxes.. it's a habit even now that I'm in maint..
Thanks for the advice guys!!

Ive decided to stay away from the fizzy drinks diet or otherwise! also yesterday i drak 8 glasses of water a work! It was the freezing cold water so i couldnt really taste it! I was really pleased ith myself! Also had a mini salad on my break at work and a nice chicken and cheese salad for my dinner which was really filling! (extra lettuce!)

Ive noticed since about day three i havent been very hungry at all.. im actually making myself eat a little bit every 4 hours or so at work.. but when i get home im having my dinner earlier than usualy! I used to eat at about 8-9ish afetr i had fed the baby and got everything ready for the following day but not i eat at about 6.30 -7 and dont actually feel the need to have a snack later! This is defo good for me!

I have gone back to my 12.7 this morning thank god but no actual loss since starting atkins! Monday will be my official full 7 days but i think i will stay on induction untill have had had some good loss!

I start work at 8 todfay and stupidly got here at 7.30am! Decided to have 1 boiled egg at home and have a cooked brekki at work later! eggs n mushrooms! yum yum!

Happy saturday everyone! :)

s xx

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