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oh no i've slipped back into my old ways

like the title says i've slipped back into my old ways and i'm dreading weighing in the morning :cry:when i get stressed i eat all the wrong things and i've had so much uni work to do so i've just picked and picked :17729:i need to get out of this cycle, as due to this i have put on five stone in three years (due to studying) but just dont know how to get out of this rut. :cry::cry::eatdrink051:
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Serial Foodie!
aww nicola. at least you are going to weigh-in and not hiding from what is going on. dont panic until you see what the scales have to say. no need to think you have slipped back... a bad week is just that- a bad few days. talk to your C xxx
have you also tries the new members talk agian as it often refeshes your mind etc. also write down pros and cons for losing weight.

well done for going to get weighed and leaving it. its only a few bad days and you will soon be back on plan.

good luck with the studying.


Less of a man each day
It happens. Face the weigh in and take it on the chin.

The bottom line is addressing how much you want to loose weight v the comfort you briefly derrive from consuming the bad stuff.

I have put my sw certificates all over the fridge and cupboards.
I've also got my fattest and most repulsive picture and put it on the fridge with the caption, 'are you sure?!!!'
As I store all choc and junk in the fridge it works quite well for me.

I've looked into alternate things to deal with stress. Swimming and exercise work pretty well.

Big hugs and best of luck


Just doing it this time
pick yourself up, dust yourself off, take a deep breath and START AGAIN ! Come on you can do this.

I too have had a couple of weeks having one good day, one bad day - two bad days, one good day - over on syns most days - not logging syns that I should log - etc etc etc.

I've just typed up a 7 pounds - to target chart for myself - and from tomorrow morning I am going to be a good girlie and get those 7lb's off for Christmas day.

I wish you luck, and wish myself luck too - we are going to need it but I know that we can do this - lets get to it.
thank you all for your support it means a lot :thankyou: got my weigh in in the morning so i'm hoping for the best (fingers crossed)
just draw a line under it at least if u've put on u know why, i put half a pound on this week and was really peeved cause i stuck to plan 100% wouldn't have min:)
yes wasnt that bad

is so happy :bliss:just weighed in and i've lost 1.5lb so happy. so much for my bad week and i nearly did'nt go as i was convinced that i had put on weight :thankyou: all for your support it means alot

nico xx


Less of a man each day
hi nico well done glad u lost this week :)

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