OH NO my boobs are shrinking 2nd week in!!


needs to focus!!!!
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its a nightmare eh, we always lose it first the places that we quite like :D. (or the men like) :D. xx


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LOL.....yep, my boobs lost weight first....


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I sympathise, but I unfortunately have the opposite problem! I have lost 4st now and have dropped 2 sizes on the back size, but have managed to increase a cup size :(

Someone asked me the other day if I had had a boob job :mad:


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Wish my boobs would shrink, I personally think thats where all my weight is as I have a size 12 waist!!


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I lose weight off my boobs too :(. Haven't yet, luckily. It has gone slightlyoff my belly this time, which is amazing!!!! Have had flabby belly forever.



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I was really upset when I lost weight on my breasts too when I was on Lipotrim, but at least we know what our true sizes are instead of all the unecassary fat hiding inside. Plus, it's harder to find nice tops and your real top size when your boobs are really big :)


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I always used to loose off my boobs first but this time round I haven't lost at all. I wish I would as I have some lovely bras from my previous SW journeys that I hoped I would get into. At least my hips, legs and tum have gone down so I guess we can't have everything!


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Bit random.. but it was my bra not fitting that finally forced me to diet because my bra was getting too small and If my breasts had gone up to the next size I wouldn't have been able to buy on the high street any more.. So I'm glad my bras now fitting me but kinda wishing they won't get any smaller.. I know they will though!
I guess the thing is if you had the same size boobs when youre bigger to when youre super skinny then you might look a bit top heavy!
And noone looks at kate moss and says shes got no tits (apart from my OH) not that i'm saying i want to be that skinny (I don't) but what I'm trying to say (not very elequently) is its all relative!!


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After losing two and a half stone I've finally decided that I need smaller bras. I've gone from a 36DD to a 34C. My boobs look tiny now but I used to be a 34B so I've probably got more to lose there. It's a pity that most of my weight seems left on my belly.


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So annoying. i keep measuring my self and i havent lost anything from my waste. To be honest i wouldve been more comfortable before the diet if i had a huge rack, but it nows looks even worse as there going down in size and my waste is still there!