Oh no!! Oh no!! I need advice!


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Been on the CD for two weeks now and doing quite well. Got home from work on Sunday and parents were there with surprise night out for dinner planned!! (They don't know I'm doing CD). So after alot of discussion I finally agreed. Having never spoken with my CDC about what I can and can't eat on the 5th week off I was totally lost about what i could eat. Opted for chicken and veg! Will this have a dramatic impact on my weigh in on Thursday and is there anything I can do to get back into Ketosis quicker..?

Hopefully the chicken and veg may not have knocked u out of ketosis at all, u picked the best food to have really, obviously portions are meant to be quite small for a proper Add a meal, but it was the best option you could have picked.. fish and veg would also have been okay.

Ketosis doesn't affect your weight loss, it just makes the diet easier to stick to by making u feel not hungry. So I think that your weightloss for thursday should still be on track too

good luck
If it was just chicken and veg (green and white .... ie cauliflower and broccoli) you should be ok. If you had potatoes or anything to take you out of ketosis then as long as you didn't eat loads you should be back in within a day. So you should be ok for still losing weight on thursday - good luck!
Hi there honey,

generally chicken and veg shouldnt have too much impact on weight loss or ketosis.... that does depend a bit on how much you ate and which veggies you had.But i am sure you will be ok. You were very good to stick to that alone and not have any naughties.

You should be fine for your wi on fri, continue to ss and drink loads of water and the loss will be great!

Lou X
I'm sure you'll be fine honey, good luck let us know how you get on?!... xxxx