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oh no please help

:eek:I am craving a rustler burger thats in the fridge :( :(

have 1 pack left to have to day cant decide sweet one or savoury? all i keep thinking about is that rustler burger with cheese and sauce :(

please help..

think its cus i only lost 2 pounds over 4 weeks so demotivated :(

savoury or sweet?

how am i going to get through this weekend?
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Proper Little Madam
Go savoury as it might knock your burger urge on the head.

If you get really tempted...take the burger to your back door...open it...and drop kick it into the garden. Not only will it prevent you from nibbling it will give the birds a treat too.

Don't give up now hon...you're doing soooooo well. X X


Regular Member
It wont taste as good as you expect it to either, if you eat it you wont feel satisfied, and youll beat yourself up. If you dont eat it, youll feel all good about yourself by the morning.

Says Mandy who hasnt sucessfully ss'd for months :rolleyes:


Regular Member
God just read how much youve lost last few weeks, you must be so strong to continue through that, dont give up now, bet you got a really big loss looming xx
awe thanks guys your so right will make me feel like poop!!

cant drop kick it in the garden, never been able to throw food away? strange i am :) thats why i got so big lol..

i be strong i promise myself!! and yes a big loss is looming :) (me hopes, fingers, toes and legs crossed)

going away in 17 days woohoo and so what if i gain a stone that week? will come off as soon as i get back on ss :)


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take it outside take it out of its container and jump up and down on it until massacred. This way you wont eat it and you will get a good work out, this will get the endorphins flowing, you will feel good and probably have another half pound weight loss tomorrow morning.:gen157:
well i had a chicken and mushroom soup.. then went to bed :)

got up this morning weighed and i am the same weight again :(

doing my head in now, i could be eating normally for the past 4 weeks and lose perhaps the same or more ..

crumpets, rustler burger, chips, sausages.. hmmmmm ffs

still giving it this week...

i really want to add some chicken as adviced to see if that would boost me? BUT i am worried i may gain a pound or 2 god... this is really getting me down.. sticking to ss for anoter week if no change i am coming off it for defo ...


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sometimes adding an aam or ss+ will boost the metabolism please give it a try it just may be what you need.
OMG i just cant believe this ...

got up this morning weighed as you do, and i am 2 pound down?

HOW? lol

i am not moaning it just weird how i had chicken with 4 slices of cucumber and some mayo? and i am now 2 pound down? woohoo

get that?

whats happened? lol

please explain it to me.. lol


Full Member
Your body was probably in starvation mode and hanging on to every bit of fluid for preservation having something to eat kick starts the whole process off again. It maybe you need to stick with ss+ well done thats really great. Trust the diet it works.
do i repeat again today? chicken cucumber and dollop of mayo ?

not sure of the weight of the chicken was only a small breast ?

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