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oh no sunk into a funk


Tequila makes miaow happy
:wave_cry:Hi evryone. I dont know what is wrong with me today. I have been breezing along, drinking my water, sticking to 3 packs - no bother and super positive. I have set goals, and should be feeling great. But I'm not. i feel as though CD is not making me lose weight (which I know is impossible) I am in ketosis according to the sticks and know, logically, I am burning fat like the best of them. I am not hungry, and am not really having trouble sitting thinking about food. Sometimes I think I feel thinner, when I put my hand on my hips or something, then I think it is not working again. I was stuck for ages - over 3 weeks. I decided that it was doing me no good getting weighed and then feeling low all the time so I set a goal to be weighed Good friday. Now I am thinking that my low mood is becasue i have had no positive feedback - ie weight loss on the scales. I think I have started to lose again, as I say I do (I think) feel thinner and my new pants *might* fit better but I have got myself all tied up in knots and I dont know what is a real feeling and what is wishful thinking anymore. I cant com off CD - it is my last real hope of ever being normal, and ironically I am sticking to it like a dream, but part of me does not beleive I will ever be normal (weight that is)

I am sorry for laying all that out here. I find it hard to talk to people about this as it is all so illogical and my Mum just says - of course you are losing weight - just look at you!) as does my Dad, My OH has reservations about the healthiness of the diet and is unforthcoming with compliments. My only friend that knows about the CD (I dont mean my only friend, lol) is having her own troubles with water gain (we hope) and temptation, and cant see why I am worried when I am not tempted!

I just wanted to get it out. This one could really work, but can it work for me? I think I have lost perspective. Sorry again.

i will probably be back Easter Saturday full of beans with a mega loss for the last 3 weeks. I hope. Then i will feel really daft!
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Sorry that you are feeling glum.

I go for days thinking I'm not losing and I still look the same,we all have bad days and moments of crisis.
Try not to talk yourself out of quitting.If your parents notice then you must be losing.I've lost almost 4 stone and lots of people haven't commented.
Can't really advice you about whether it would be a good thing to weigh yourself-I'm constantly on the scales,sometimes they make me happy,sometimes they don't!
Try and stay positive.This diet is hard work,but the results are worth it if you stick to it.

Don't worry about ranting-thats what we are here for!!
Listen to the people around you and what they are saying to you. We all dought ourselves from time to time. I know every week I say I dont think I've lost and I get on the scales and I have. I think i'ts partly because you cant believe its happening and we try to convince ourselve we've not lost so we wont yet again have another dissapointment.

Keep it up, no hunger, no cravings, bliss you've got it made.

Good luck.


Striving to be good.....
You're being unhappy without a reason to be sweets.... If you have stuck to the CD and drunk plenty of liquids I am SURE you must have lost weight.
Go sneak on the scales and see - it just might give you the boost that you need.
Do you go to a counsellor to get weighed as it may be that hers and your scales differ.
Don't be glum, life's too short for that.
you don't mention how much you have to lose either - when you get closer to your target weight the losses slow down. Similarly if you don't have heaps to lose in the first place then it stands to reason that your losses will be more gradual.
If it makes you feel better.... jump on the scales and check. Especially as its been a while since you weighed.
Be kind to yourself hon.... you WILL crack this.....

Love and luck

Michelle Xx


Tequila makes miaow happy
Hi and thanks. I want to lose another 3 st to get to my first target, but need to lose a further 2st to be in the healthy BMi range so a ways to go yet. I dont know whether to weigh in tomorrow morning or not - a good result might help, but a bad one will probab;y send me off the rails

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