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Oh no :-(

I'm a sucker for an indian meal. Try not to fret too much. We can't deny ourselves everything all of the time. You've done great losing 8lbs! Just get back to plan, without punishing yourself, look forward not back.
Good luck.
Thanks for that, if I didn't have any replys to this thread I would of just blamed the baby :) I'm 26 weeks pregnant and trying to maintain rather than lose! But hey like you said we all need our treats :)
I was going to say 'well baby must have wanted it!' :D
I think not having an indian meal on a weekend is going to be one of the hardest parts of my weight loss journey.


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Don't feel guilty! You are allowed to have an indian meal you know. Just work out the syns and take them off your weekly allowance then go from there. And check out the eating out section for good indian options for the future.

Spicy - if you want an indian every week you can still have one, just made sensible choices of what to eat :)


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Yeah, why deny yourself? I go for a lamb rogan josh and boiled rice - only 6.5 Syns on EE!
Or, and this might be a bit avant garde, why not make your own? Curry from scratch is incredibly low syn, often free, and you can make super lush bhajis for 1 syn each.

I've had it twice this week. No need to miss indian food when theres enough recipes out there for curries, and most recipes are SW adaptable anyway! :D
I think what I'll do is have the curry but make my own chips or have plain rice with it. I can do without all of the extra's it's the actual curry that I love.
I agree with MLM.. I make my own and it's either low syn or free depending what I have. I haven't had a chinese or indian for ages, because the one I make is so yummy, I don't need to.
I love making curries but I've never been able to make a madras like you get when you order one in / go out to eat.
I had a buffet so god knows what I had lol I normally make my own but we didn't have the kids Sunday afternoon so thought we would make the most of it and enjoy a meal out! Bad move :-( and coz I my meal I put on 1/2lb! Better than it could of been but first time and last time in a long while lol x