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Oh no!!!


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Hi everyone as everybody that has read my previous post will know i will be starting CD on saturday. Today i got a call from my housing officer saying that our new house is ready to move into and that we need to sign the new tenancy agreement on monday. I'm a bit worried that i wont be into ketosis as we will have to start moving our stuff over after monday and that i will be utterly useless. But i really dont want to not start on saturday as my mind is set on starting than! Just dont know what to do x
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start when your ready hun , the first few days are hard , so maybe start after move up to you hun


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You might be into ketosis by then and have bags of energy, just take your time moving heavy stuff & you'll be fine!


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if ur starting on saturday then potentially u could be in ketosis by monday or tuesday.
i personally always go into ketosis on day 3, some people may need a few extra days .
having said that u dont need to be in ketosis to move. ketosis 'may' give u an energy boost and rid u of physical hunger but the excitement of the move may well do the same thing for u anyway.
just make sure u drink lots of water as u will have more of a tendency to get dehydrated in the early days and u dont want a stinking headache during a move.
listen to ur body, if u start to feel dizzy, faint, tired.... stop , have a drink of water and perhaps a cd pack ( wouldnt hurt to have an extra one on a strenuous day) and take a well deserved break before cracking on with the moving.
hope the move goes smoothly for u. :D

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