Oh No!!!


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I was just making myself some vanilla coffee (yum) and my blender fell apart (literally)

how am I going to make my yummy lump free meals now? i can't afford to buy another blender, I have literally £20 to feed my kids for the next 2 weeks I can't use any of that money for a blender instead :(
ew and now I have bits of plastic in my coffee.

Whats plastic like for its carb content? lol

I need a sieve!
Oh honey sorry to hear that. My blender was only £5 from tesco and it's brill.....

Understand that's a quarter of your money though!!!! Can't you borrow a fiver or a blender from a friend or relative?
thanks ladies. I might just have to plead poverty and ask my mam to lend me more money for food and sneak a cheap blender in the trolley too.

The one I had was only a fiver from asda, was rubbish though
oh and yes I have a hand whisk but they dont get the lumps out properly.

Maybe I'll get to like the chewy bits
The tesco one is good!!!! i bought a more expensive one after my first few months but ended up going back to the tesco one....
Ooooh actually I only bought it in september. I wonder if I might be able to find the receipt and they might replace it for me
I could try it. Dont have the box any more though I dont think. I'm useless at keeping things like receipts and boxes
If all else fails hun, those little latte hand whisks in tescos are not all that bad and only a couple of quid.

I use one at work as it's discreet and fits in my bag:D

Hope you get sorted out tommorow....:D
Hi ya, :)

I love the lumpy bits in the shakes. I dont use a blender anymore as I dont want to lose the lumps.

Nick :D
another idea...when I cant be arsed to use the blender (the noise annoys me!)
I tend to get a small amount of cold water and probably half a pack and keep stirring with a spoon. Then add some more water and rest of pack. I get it slightly pasty. Then I add hot water (I have my shakes hot) to top it up and keep stirring. This generally works!