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oh, oh, oh!!!


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oops just though this is the wrong place can my thread be moved?

jimmy's girl

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I would say go cause 1 week could run to 2 and then it will be even harder to go back;) Today is a fresh start x <3 x


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was my birthday yesterday nut have been munching all weekend!!! and am finding it so hard to get back on track!!!!! have WI on wed shoud i go and face the music or stay of a week and try to lose what ever i have put on???

It doesn't matter! What you weigh is going to be the same, whether you go to class or not. So you might as well go!


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I would go otherwise 1 week could lead into 2 and before you know it the whole month could run away with you (it would with me anyway!)

You never know you might be pleastantly surprised! :)

Happy Holidays

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I'd say go, otherwise you may think, well I've gained so I may has well have..........

It is my birthday today & we celebrated it all weekend:rolleyes: I know I shouldn't but I weighed myself today & so far I've gained 3lb:eek: But I'm not too concerned, I'll go to WI for the official gain, but I know I'm now back on the SW wagon & will be from now on.

Go to WI then you know exactly how much, if any, you have gained.


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at my wi this morn the girl in front of me said she had a bad week wasnt going to come but lost a pound! so you never know. i only lost half:(


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Go 2 ur WI 2day,it's a slippery slope if u allow urself 2 avoid it everytime u hav special occasions/birthdays/anniversaries, I can always find sum excuse 2 celebr8 ;)
Don't put it off,expect a gain & try bn extra good 4 ur next WI Slimming World is about adopting a healthier lifestyle not depriving urself & we all will hav events that'll put us off plan but the trick is 2 get back an asap & minimise the damage ;)
Good luck x


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Well I went to class and.............................................put on 2 1/2 lb!!!!!!! but back on track now had me naughty time, now to plan, plan, plan xx