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Oh Please help:(

Oh help!!
I was over in a friends last night and she kept saying she was going to cook for us so I explained the diet but she REALLY didn't understand, she even offered me ice-cream to put in my milkshake!:)
BUT she kept talking about food and trying to get me to eat and after about 4hours I said "f*ck it" and had a chicken wrap, I couldn't even enjoy it I felt so guilty on myself all night, I'm soooo worried now. I don't feel like I'm out of ketosis, not hungry or anything YET, oh what can I do to reverse the effects?? Help! :wave_cry:
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Stop beating your self up hun .draw the line step over it .GLug lots of water it helps.WE all make these slips the point is we have to learn from them and carry on with our journey xxxx


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Hi Daisy,

If your not hungry then you are in ketosis.

When you come out of ketosis you will know all about it as the hunger hits very hard and this is a very dangerous time as you can trow caution to the wind and your diet along with it...

Continue on your diet as normal and carry on.

You are lucky this time, but please don't be tempted again for the next time you be not be so lucky...This really is the Golden time so make the most of it...You will be ever so happy with yourself when you reach your goal.

I am afraid this sort of thing of sabotage does happen all the time when you have well meaning people disregarding or not listening to what you have told them.

In future plan ahead and take a shake with you and have it while they are eating so you don't feel left out.

Love Mini xxx


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Drink lot's of water and continue with the diet as normal. What's done is done. If the wrap was all you had then you should be back in ketosis within 24 hours.
Next, sit your friend down and explain the diet when there's no food involved. Ask for support, not sabotage.


Back on the wagon!
Thats good advice from all....I had a few moments where I eat cos of peer pressure....overall I didnt do too much damage so you will be fine.....
yeah -what these guys so wisely say! I slipped last saturday but next day was beating the water into me and had a bit of a boogie to work extra carbs off -and I didn't come fully out of ketosis. Just got right back into the diet and lost 6 lbs this week -so DO NOT focus on it. back in the 'real' world off Lipotrim these slips will happen and we'll have to learn to deal with them then too so just forgive yourself and carry on. Its not like you slapped someone ;) You'd a chicken wrap lol - its ok! Carry n with your diet babe, you'll be fine, :D


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Don't worry about it hun, youll probably be alright. Try drinking as much water as you can to flush it away!! Then get back on track.
please remind your friends that if they are true friends then they will support you or you will have to put your friendship on the back burner for a few months until you feel you can feel you can be around people like that no amount of bullying from others and thats what it is should be allowed to interfer with whst you have to lose i wish you well
Thanks soooo much everyone, Mini you're right I did feel like throwing caution to the wind and "starting fresh tomorrow"! But after reading all your posts I instead loaded up on water and had my chicken soup.
Great to hear you are back on track. I think most of us will have minor slip ups from time to time on the diet - we are all humans and we all get pressured into eating or get tempted. I don't think the very occasional slip up matters at all. What DOES matter is how you deal with it.

You can either:

Let a slip up end in a binge and fall off the diet.

OR you can say OK I slipped up but from this moment on I am going to stick to the diet 100%.

Clearly it is best not to have a slip up as you run the risk of coming out of ketosis and then being hungry which makes it a lot harder to stick to the diet.
However like someone else said if you don't feel hungry you obviously haven't come out of ketosis so you got away with it this time!

Also it helps to remember all this lovely tempting food will STILL BE THERE after you have hit goal and done the refeeding. You will be able to enjoy it then but for now it is your CHOICE (and the choice bit is important) NOT to eat it so you can get what you want a lot more than the food which is.... to be slim, to fit into that gorgeous dress, etc etc.

For all my words here I am dreading telling my bf who is coming to stay next weekend I am on this diet as I know he will worry about it and try and get me to eat. So far he knows I am on a diet but I haven't told him I am on a diet living on 3 shakes a day!


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Hi Spannerpan,

For all my words here I am dreading telling my bf who is coming to stay next weekend I am on this diet as I know he will worry about it and try and get me to eat. So far he knows I am on a diet but I haven't told him I am on a diet living on 3 shakes a day!
You can get a loan off the Chemist of a video tape/dvd and you could both sit and watch it as it does explain very well how this diet works.

It probably will take him awhile to get his head around it but he has to respect your decision to do it and when he sees you doing well on your diet and realises that you are not hungry and losing weight, he will come around in time...

I am sure the first thing he will notice is that your skin is looking clearer and feels very soft to the touch and by next weekend you will be down a good bit in weight and inches:)

Love Mini xxx

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