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OH says I can't lose weight eating that much :(

Can anyone advise I have made a salad for tomorrow lunch and it consists of
2 small salmon fillets
1 boiled egg
1/3 portion savoury rice
4 small baby potatoes
Large section of salad(lettuce etc)

It fills a small dinner plate so it looks huge, they are all free foods, is this why I can't lose weight???????
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Lady A

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Well tell your dear husband he's WRONG lol! As long as you're eating what you are supposed to on the SW plan that you have chosen to follow (which in your case looks like extra easy to me) and are eating until you are 'satisfied' but not 'stuffed' then my love you should be start to lose weight pretty soon. Give it 100% and show him how it's done ;) Take a look at my food diary and Shrimpy's food diaries and you'll see exactly how much yummy food you can eat and still lose weight. Good luck on your SW journey hun....gimme a shout if you need a hand :) Xx
Thanks I know you have to stick to plan for it to work, you just get dubious about eating so much

Lady A

Loves to Shop!
Thanks I know you have to stick to plan for it to work, you just get dubious about eating so much
I know exactly how you feel hun as I felt exactly the same way so when I started I told myself that I'd give it 100% for 6 weeks (as my thyroid is under active so thing are a bit slower for me) and I went from a size 16 to a size 12. I fit into a size 10 skinny jeans yesterday so it defo works you just need to make sure you're following it to a tee so that means at least 1/3 of your daily food intake should include super free foods if you are following extra easy (although I use that rule when doing red or green days too) and try sticking to super free in-between meals as much as you can and that should speed things up for you too. Don't worry too much as it will become second nature once you've got your head around it. Oh and make sure you use your syns as I tend to lose more weight when I use more. Xx
Thanks for your replies, lets see what week 1 brings

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