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Oh to be 2 sizes smaller


Another day on the TFR don't feel too bad today. Felt awful yesterday really moody no reason apart from the obvious not eating! However I went into H&M when I was window shopping and got into a pair of their size 16 jeans felt real chuffed. Normally when I go into H&M I can't get the jeans up my leg. Didn't buy them because I started of thinner until I was about 30 and everything went downhill. I'm now 35 and refuse to be big any longer so I've binned my size 18 jeans and am now in my size 16's in my wardrobe. I rooted through my wardrobe this morning and found a couple of tops I can wear to work next week. It feels great. Is anyone else like me rooting through the small clothes in your wardrope trying to get something to fit? Or even better saying 'I hope I will fit into these in a couple of weeks!'
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I love trying on clothes-from my own wardrobe- to see what fits now.Good on you for binning the bigger jeans, you won't ever need them again!

I find it really motivational to lose the big clothes I never want to be a size 18 again. Everyone is different for some that might be their goal but I was a size 8-10 until I was 30. So even to get bak to a 10-12 I would be well happy. What's your goal?


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I have a beautiful cocktail dress in my wardrobe that over the years has been too small, too big and is now too small again!
When I lost weight a few years ago I remembered said dress and tried it on, and it was too big it fell down. (Its strapless)
So this time round I am determined to get into it and finally wear it out, I dont care if its just to tesco's that dress is getting worn one way or another!!!
Good on you Chic

We all need goals. Mine is to get into a victoria beckham dress size 12 ( a small one at that) for my brothers wedding in october. I can just visualise myself in that dress and being the 'belle at the ball!'
Morning everyone

How are you all doing today? I'm looking forward to my weigh in tomorrow. Hope I stay roughly the same because I broke it this week. Here's hoping. Went to bed last night at 7pm that's why I'm up early the hunger pangs were too much so I thought sleep is the only thing I can do. I had drank my quota (7 pints) of water so couldn't drink anymore. Does anyone else hit the sack early like me?


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if only there were time, I'm cancelling the weekend of the 28th and 29th of August and sleeping solidly and watching movies for the entire weekend :)


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Hi 2 sizes smalller
How dod you get on today with your weigh in.Hope it was a good one.
Hi Cathy

Didn't get a chance to log on yesterday lost 2 lbs this week. I'm well pleased because I had broke it with a curry. No more breaking it for me.
That was last week though and I was really motivated because the scales were moving everyday but no change for the last 2 days. But I'm not giving up roll on next week? How's everyone else getting on today?



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well done:clap::clap::clap:


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WHOOP WHOOOP WELL DONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Moon got nothing on you hon


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Hi 2 sizes smaller. I'm new to the forum today! I'm not sure with TOTM means but I'm very pleased for you that you lost 2 lbs in a week when you broke the diet. Hope you're feeling good now and hang in there.


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Time of the month = TOTM Sal lots of other acronyms around here so keep asking if your not sure lol
Hiya all

Went to bed there for an hour feel much better. Totm really kills me. Well my brother is coming up tonight to my parents for a birthday dinner and a few people are coming. I told my mum I'll meet everyone then head on. Didn't go down too well. 'Can you not eat a bit of steak?' my mum said. If I was going to break it, it would be with a curry and I did that last week and only lost 2lbs so don't want a recurrence. So I will be a good girl and meet and greet and head. Don't think there is any other way round it. Any suggestions?
On another note went to work on monday past after 2 weeks of and the compliments were flying about my weight loss. Bring it on!
Morning everybody,

Well I did my meet and greet last night and headed on and left my brother to his birthday party with everyone. They were having a nice bbq. Well I left and you know I didn't even miss the food for a change. Got up today and am in great form as got into another pair of size 14 black jeans. There's a wee bit of a overhang going on but I have disguised it with my top. It's surprising how losing weight can make you feel so good.
Seen the exboyfriend last night (we broke of just before I decided to go on lipotrim) and he was surprised at my weight loss. Needless to say it was him that broke it of with me. He suggested going out tonight for a few drinks. Bugger him I say just coz I lost weight. Well I'll not be going out for a few drinks. He can take a hike. I'm so determined to stick to this diet. And anyway I'm not one of these people that could go out and drink water. Onwards and upwards for me I say. Hope I haven't bored anyone with my diary.
Another day

Still Totm and scales haven't moves since thursday so hope they move for tuesday my weigh in day. I was reading other peoples posts and figured I must be taking my water too close together. So I am going to spread it out over the day. Anything to aid water retention.
Going to buy myself a pair of trainers on tuesday as I figured I should really start exercising. There are exercise classes nearby bodypump and bodyattack etc. I used to go to them quite alot but have just got really lazy.
Was really tempted last night to eat but went to bed at 8pm instead. Talk about being a bore. Anything to keep me focussed. So roll on tuesday weigh in day.


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Hey doll, great to see your confidence is up and your putting yourself first at last. Your doing super!! Love and hugs

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