OH what a bad week..and i haven't even been weighed yet!

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    Not a great week. Supposed to be on AAM week. Started that 3 days early because i was going away (was planning on doing 3 days ss to make up for it). So this week i started working on placement again (thats 37.5+ hours a week). Unfortunately ss on monday or tuesday did not fair well with me being on my feet all day and burning more calories than eating, so i fainted (twice). Luckily someone took my blood sugar and it was very low, so they gave me a sugary drink and sent me to get some lunch. I had had a sachet at about 6:50 and then a bar at 10:30 (morning break), i fainted at about 12. So i've been having jacket potato (no butter) but with a small portion of cheese almost every lunch time this week to keep my energy levels up( Could have been worse, i could have had yummy hot meal and chips or something). Anyone have any advice?? Shall be weighed in this evening so i can asses the dammage caused. PLus its TOTM so i dont think that helps.
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    Dashed good question Jeeves!
    Try not to stress about it too much - talk things through with your counsellor and see what they come up with for you. If you needed the extra calories then so be it.
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    hmm this is a difficult one, jacket potato and cheese....full of carbs and fat so prob not the best thing to have!, if SS doesn't agree with you, maybe you should try a higher plan?
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    Hey Tartlon - perhaps you need to be on a higher plan? The extra calories (in a controlled way) should help to stop you fainting x
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    I have lost 24lbs in 6 weeks of 790, so the losses are fabulous.

    I do think you need to be on 790 and not SS.

    Also, have you had a word with your GP? See what he says too.
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    Just think you really need to be checked out by the GP to see if there was a specific reason for your fainting. I feel faint fairly regularly (but don't actually faint) but I have low blood pressure so nothing to worry about. It is a bit concerning that someone deemed you to have low blood sugar.

    Just be safe and get your mind set at rest.
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