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Ok bit lets try something...

on a good note, i can see between my legs when i stand...:)
one not so good note, is that my boob sag more than they used to with so much stretch marks.


please try again
im less rotund

seriously i look the same just a bit smaller


This Time It's Personal!
Things I've looked for as I lose weight:

- I can see the tendons in my hand again!

- I can fit my thumb and forefinger around my wrist again!

- My bonier arse makes sitting down for long periods as lumpy as hell!

- When I'm on the bus, I get thrown around more!

- When there's a strong gust of wind, I go flying!

- I have elbows, ribs, a pelvis, kneecaps and ankles again!

I'm not sure whether to say this last one, which only men will notice.... oh sod it!

- 'It' looks longer! :p

Great things - I have collarbones and cheekbones and a chin that isn't double lol. I also feel my hip bones when I lie down and I can cross my legs with ease (I do that all the time just because I never have and because I can :D). I feel taller and stand taller and walk with a spring in my step.

Bad things - Loose skin, it really isn't nice at all and my stretch marks are much more noticeable now I've shed the pounds.
I have hip bones when I lie down and actually have cheek bones and a jaw line :D
My boobs now have stopped trying to escape from my bra under my armpits :p
my face is thinner - it was seeing a picture of me with a big fat face that made me start the diet and its gone right down and I still have a way to go but it makes me smile every day.
My bottom doesn't touch the sanitary towel bin in the toilets at work anymore...

Good things:

* I too have collarbones!
* I can actually see the shape of my face without having so many chins obscuring it.
* Normal watches fit me
* My wedding ring keeps falling off because my fingers are now a more 'normal' size.
* The first time I felt my hip bones through my belly I wondered what it was!

bad things:

* I hate my boobs even more because at least when I was bigger I could hide them under baggy tops and at least look in proportion.
* I will need a tummy tuck at some point.

I do have to say though, that although there are some bad points, the ever-growing list of good points makes up for it.
I had the weirdest thing, I too noticed the cheek bones, collar bone and hip bones that made me very very happy, but the strangest change that I never expected was my feet. My feet actually got smaller and now I wear shoes one size smaller than I used to. My younger brother had exactly the same, so odd.. Anyone else notice this ??

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