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Ok... change of plan! Advice and whatever appreciated :)


Slimming down the aisle
Well I had decided to go back on SS, but I think that's going out the window now, or it might be on for like a month, and then out the window, I'm not sure! Anyway, the reason for the slight change of plan is that I've decided to the the Cancer Research UK Shine Marathon Walk in Manchester this April. My Nan died of cancer in 2000, so it means a lot to me.

Anyway, though it's walking and not running, it's still 26 miles so I need to get me in shape... beyond just losing the weight! So I need to start getting to the gym a lot more. And I'm not sure that I can SS and do the gym as much as I'm hoping to. Anyone got their experience to share on CD and the gym? So I might either go for the higher plans, or just try and stick to a healthy eating plan.

The thing here is that I've got an incentive that I didn't have before - the marathon and my Nan. So I think I could do it. Also I've got a new friend who is a bit of a fitness freak and was a gym personal trainer, so I might make him help me! He follows this really healthy eating plan that he always goes on about, and goes to the gym like 4 times a week or at least 2 hours a time. Is mad! Anyway, I'm sure he'd help me come up with a gym plan, and a healthy eating plan if I wanted it too.

What do you guys think? Any advice?
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I don't know a huge amount about level of exercise but you sound like you are approaching it sensibly, and if you are healthy eating and doing lots of exercise perhaps that is the best option. Alternatively you could do one of the higher plans, so you keep your hand in so to speak. Good luck it sounds great, and you have just the right motivation.


Girl on a mission
Hey hun, well I had to leave cd due to similar circumstances as i've been allocated a place in the London marathon. To be honest hun, if you are training for the walk you will need carbs on days you train so maybe instead of starting cd ss for a month then having a small gain when you start healthy eating, you should just start as you mean to go on. You should lose just as much working out and sensible eating!
Hi, what a great thing you are doing - I'm sure your nan would be very proud.
last time I did CD I regularly went to the gym with no probs, did mainly bike, treadmill, rowing machine approx 30 mins 2-3 times a week

good luck xxx


Slimming down the aisle
Thanks for your opinions guys. I spoke to my Personal Trainer friend this morning and he's going to come up with a big plan for me that includes an exercise plan and an eating plan. So I'm going to try and do that. The thing is, I think that now I have a motivation to keep to a healthy eating plan that I haven't had before. The last few days I've eaten well, no junk, it's been good. And I've remembered how sticking to that makes me feel! I'm just not going to buy any junk. And the nearest shop is about a 15 minute walk away, so I probably won't want to walk there in the cold just for crisps or something. So we'll see I guess!


Girl on a mission
Hey Hun...Good luck with it hun...and having such a goal will keep you on the straight and narrow for sure and you'll do well for sure:D

I now think is that bag of crisps/choc bar really worth an extra 30 mins in the gym and always go for the healthy option:p

Wow good for you and good luck with the training and the race x

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