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OK. I'm bored.


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Where the hell is everyone?! I'm in work - bored - obviously, I need a distraction and there is no-one posting any new threads, replying to messages - nothing.

Not good enough guys! I need to be entertained!!

So, is it quiet because everyone is doing swimmingly well and there are no problems to share (which is fantastic!), or is it that people are staying away because they have spectacularly fallen off the wagon and are too ashamed to admit it?!

Personally, i hope everyone is outside enjoying the sun!! What a novelty!!

OK... that's it. Better find some work to do.

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I am seriously bored too! I am meant to be working but it isn't that much fun. I would quite like to be out in the sun and working from home makes it harder not to be.

Are you going on holiday this summer? I have my holiday to egypt booked 5 weeks yesterday :D


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Haven't booked to go abroad - but we have two weeks off in September, and this year we've decided to stay in this country and go away with the dog! So that means finding dog friendly hotels and b&bs... and of course finding places that we can go with our dog!! I suppose that'll mean we'll do lots of walking, which is a good thing.

I bet you can't wait for your hols, especially with our rubbish summer.

I don't know why it's so slow on here - it's been like it for a couple of days. It's bizarre. I'm sure i have lots of work to do, but I really don't think i can be bothered! lol

I may finish soon - thank God for flexi time!!

How are you finding the plan? I've been moving up to SS+ in the last couple of days, because the urge to eat has been overwhelming (it must by TOTM). But i'm ok with that decision! lol


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I AM SO BORED TOO! Threads have been a bit...........not on the dull side because I would hate to offend but nothing really that simulated my mind really!

Lets have a giggle, what do you fancy talking about girls?

I am doing ok at the moment on the diet, keep having food cravings but they come and go. Got into my zara dress today and have been wearing heels all day and they dont hurt me which is great! Have been a saint making my boyfriend dinner and lunch! I have been feeding him healthy goodies like chicken salad wraps and jacket potato dinners, he is lucky IMO!!!

What are you girls up to tonight?? x


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Hi! I'm bored too! I'm a teacher so on summer hols, which are lovely. But today i've decided to do some work so am sat at my laptop analysing Year 6 Science SATs papers. Not a very interesting job and sometimes downright annoying when you see the questions they got wrong.

I'm on the 2nd day of my restart today after a week on holiday then a weekend where my aunt and cousins came to stay. Not doing too badly, just drinking lots of water and trying to keep busy.

Glad you're all doing well!


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I am on SS and have decided to have a week off when I go to Egypt.

I am so chuffed with myself at the moment because everyone keeps telling me I look fantastic :D Just need to keep going. I am in tesco size 16 jeans (not going to lie there is a little muffin top :D)

oh heels...I can't wear them during the day i love my fitflops too much! I would wear them out if I could get away with it! does anyone else have a pair?


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I've still been cooking for my b/f too. How I've managed it I don't know. And it has been good stuff too... making fresh fruit salads has been a killer... oh the smell! But i do feel saintlike for still doing it. I could have been a mega ***** and said i wasn't going to do any cooking for him - but i'm waaaaay to nice for that! (OK, i made myself laugh at that!!).

Maybe going to see my sister in law tonight as it's her birthday tomorrow - that's whether she can make her mind up if she'll be in or not... if someone was coming to see me with cards and gifts, I'd make sure i was in. Some people are so ungrateful, honestly.

That's about it. Don't really go out anymore... used to go out about 3/4 times a week for our tea... all that stopped when i started CD... i do miss it... just getting out of the house bit! lol

Are you up to anything this evening?


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S: 13st8lb C: 13st1lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.4 Loss: 0st7lb(3.68%)
I've heard of fitflops... but i haven't got a pair... is it something to do with exercise?! lol
Hiya all im in my living room ironing away as i jet off tomorrow been to my old cdc and got some shakes ready for when i return lol.!!

Hoping i can ss for 5 days only lol loose then xtra pounds i may gain.
Must say the weather great today.!

Im also on summer hoils 6 weeks enjoying it so far.x

Big H

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How did we ever survive a working day before the internet :D We must've actually spent the whole day working :eek:


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fit flops tone your bum and legs while you walk but they are so good!
I work in the pub 3 nights a week which is a killer because i have to take other peoples food ok :O I dont lick the plates HONEST!
hya im starting tommorow dont know how ill cope though i binge like mad ive lost 3 stone by just eating healthy and goin to the gym but then went crazy and binged is the first day realy that hard?

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