Ok, made GP appt to discuss LT !!


OMG I am nervous, I go to a large practice and am seeing a GP I have never seen before, but will view this as a good omen :p

Appt is not til 30 October as I am away all next week with the kids at my mum's.

This will give me some time to think on it too.

I am wavering between LT and CD as I only found one place online quoting a price for LT and that was £35 per week, so they are quite similar in that respect, altho I do think CD sounds easier in the long term with it not being purely SS.

Having read so much on these boards I am feeling really positive that this is the way to go for me after so many years of being morbidly obese! I have to do it for my 3 gorgeous children!!!
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Well done BiB you will never ever look back!! life changing stuff just once you start don't under any circumstances break it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gen xx


I had to go to a new doctors with my LL form and he was ok with it it took 4 days to get it back and I had to pay £15 but thats mine :)
What do you feel is best for you,Cd is gr8 as you have the luxury of eating very small meals as well as ssing I dont know too much about LT but I think its SS all the way?
Good Luck and we will be looking forward to hearing loads from you
xxc :D