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OK now im really in trouble!

but its chinese!


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I am not going to say it will be easy but take your packs and decide, not ifs, not buts, you will not have any. remember, when you are thin you can eat chinese, you are just making a sacrifice now so you can be thin.

I sat through a wedding meal and a post wedding BBQ, have to admit, it was hell but I did it and you can too!!
im gonna try but im so hungry! im defo in ketosis but have been working my ass off today clening the house from top to bottom and its really made me work up an appitite!
You can do it! Say to your fella that he is under NO circumstances to let you have ANY non-CD food, and hide when they order so you can't be tempted to order anything :D

Good luck, you'll feel soooo much better if you don't have anything!
i no he will help me, its my own fault coz he said he wasnt gonna go coz its not fair on me but i cant make him suffer for my fattness!
You will really regret it if you eat. You will undo all your past four days hard work. It's mostly water that you lose on the first few days of cambridge and you will gain this back instantly if you eat chinese. You'll feel proud of yourself if you resist. Good luck.
well i resisted the chinese but gave in to a beef sandwich when i got home, im a failure!


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you aren't a failure. just start again. the first hurdle was the chinese. now we just have to get you over the second hurdle... the midnight snack :)

abz xx

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