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Ok please help


I will do this!!!
So iv been on lipotrim then slimming world then lipotrim again then optislim then exante and i went to join slimming world again!!!!! Im meant to be joining slimming world tomorrow but iv still got a months worth of exante shakes left so i dont want to waste them. I NEED to lose weight so badly but i can never get past the 1st day of shakes anymore. Does anyone have any suggestions to make it that bit easier to do.
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All I can say is I feel the same at the moment, but we all know Exante is the only way to lose those big pounds. I will be restarting tomorrow as av been on holiday. If I can't do 100% then I will add a meal every night. Hope someone will say something better I didn't want to read and run. HTH x

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TT Tessie

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Hi there

Have you tried the working solutions?

I'be been struggling, but adding breast pc chicken in evening makes all the difference

Good luck


I will do this!!!
youv done so well! just hope i can get past the first day 100%


I will do this!!!
Hi there

Have you tried the working solutions?
it might sound odd considering my origional post but if im going to do the shakes i want to do it 100%. If i start adding a meal then i'll be able to add a few nibbles here and there. I think i need to do it 100% or not at all.

TT Tessie

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S: 19st7lb C: 17st4lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 42.9 Loss: 2st3lb(11.36%)
I started off on 100% was rough first week. I avoided all food, Hubbie did it too so that was biggest help to me.

Only other advice, would start at a weekend or a couple of days when you don't have anything too stressful on. Drink loads of water, hopefully have some support & just go for it.

Good luck :)


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Yes. Get hold of a copy of judith becks ' the beck diet solution'. I have just started reading it tonight and it's amazing. It's a 6 week CBT programme that fits any diet and you do one step a day.
The first step which i'll do tomorrow is recording the reasons you want to lose weight on response cards so that you have them to hand when you have a craving for something.
At the very least each day i'll have something else to focus on!!


I will do this!!!
thats a good idea!


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No wonder you are having a hard time sticking to exante if you keep failing on the first days. You end up having to repeat the hardest part of the whole process over, and over, and over again. I don't think i could do that either (done it several times now myself though). I've now done over a week 100% and i feel sooo much better and the diet got so much easier. If you do start again you really have to keep telling yourself over and over again NOT to break it because this is the hardest part, the feelings of hunger/obsession with wanting to eat WILL end and it is only for the first 4 days or so (first 3 days normally hardest) and that by breaking it you are just prolonging your pain, and since you are overweight it is going to be something you have to go through anyway if you want a fast boost to your loss, so just go for it.

One thing that helped me finally get through the early stages was to become a regular poster on here. Come here and share when you are having a hard time, and write to us before you want to jump in and eat something and we can help distract you.


taking it 1 day at a time
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Just wishing you the best of luck. I'm trying again too, been doing diet chef for a while then cc but its gone wrong again, aargh. Dc was great but I kept cheating with cc and put the weight back on.
Back to the tried and tested method!
im haveing same problems and today so far its my first ever day of 100% and i just keep saying to myself i will not eat i will not eat every time i see food im saying NO i will do it this time i will not eat and its nearly 6pm and ive been 100% and i have even cooked dp and kids dinners and fed baby her dinner and didnt touch a single bit at all im so proud of myself and now im planning on going to asda to get plenty of drinks that were allowed and stock up on kids food so i dont need to pop to the shops at all for a week or so


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ill be honest... some days when im fining it har ill have my bar and then a big salad for inner an then a soup for tea... and my weight loss is exactly the same as what it is when i do TS... but i ont really want to reccomend as you wont get all your vitamins
losingit said:
One thing that helped me finally get through the early stages was to become a regular poster on here. Come here and share when you are having a hard time, and write to us before you want to jump in and eat something and we can help distract you.
Couldn't agree more, I would NEVER have got through those tough few days without the advice and support on here! Whenever you have a craving, are tempted, cannot see your way through a shake/soup or just generally thinking about giving up then post post post on here! There will always be someone to remind you why you are doing this in the first place and give lots of advice xx
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Do you have the shakes, as shakes ?
I'm not a really a shake person, and mostly have them all in coffee :)
I'd add the small meal it makes such a difference to your head as in your not constantly battling with the voice in your head that says eat! You know your going to have that small meal for tea! I did 7 weeks on Cambridge doing ss then swapped to ss+ and my weight losses have been better doing ss+ and I feel better and more in control off food because I'm Learning portion control rather than not eating at all that doesn't teach you anything! ive swapped to exante because its cheaper its my first week started today! The beck book is very good but hard to follow fully when your doin a vlcd! Goodluck which ever plan you decide to follow x
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I'm reading your original post, piz. You say you need to lose weight

(oops pressed enter too soon!)

Is this your mind telling you this, or a doctor, or a friend/partner or something else/combination of those?

Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to be slim? Just going on what you've said, you seem to have flitted between diet plans - I'm wondering if you need to work on your own desire for weight loss, then following a plan (any plan) will be so much easier?



I will do this!!!
I need to lose weight for me. I had a bad time a few months ago and i realised just how low i can get when it comes down to my weight. I want to lose weight to get nice clothes, be happy but i need to lose weight for my health and sanity!!!! I cant go back to where i was the other month but i just cant do it!! i get these weird feelings when i see a slim and pretty actress in a film and know i have to lose this weight but i still stick the chocolate biscuit into my mouth (like today!) I just seem to have no will power at all and i dont know what to do. Im going to try to do it again tomorrow (3rd time this week) and i hope i can at least get past the first day.


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