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ok so how long will this take me(average)


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I recon you can do it hun!!! i've lost 1st 6lbs in 7 weeks, and i want to loose another 7 stone by the end of nxt year!
If you have a goal in mind (your wedding) then i'm sure your determination will get you there!!!

Good luck hun :) xx


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Well if you are determined enough then your motivation will get you to your goal.

But, everyone is different and we all have different metabolisms so please don't worry if you don't lose as quickly as you would like.

I am just aiming for a loss every week no matter how small, good luck to you. X


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oh alyce- thought it was only me that wanted to loose so much lmao!!!! im glad someone else is aiming for near enough the same target!!!! my mind is set now lets see how we go on hehe
and DONNIE thats wot i was aiming luv, but im trying to look at the bigger picture now as im only 1 and half pounds of my club 10 and need to make a real target so needed to think about it
laura xx


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Hi Girlies

I think allowances need to be made for 'off' weeks, Christmas, holidays etc. I know it is 'possible' to lose 2lb a week, but think this would be very difficult to maintain over a long period of time.......difficult but not impossible!

I really don't want to put a dampner on your plans, just remember that although you may feel absolutely motivated and determined at the moment, it is hard to feel like this all the time. Keep your target realistic to avoid becoming disheartened.

I have lost 5stone in 14 months- I lose about 1lb per week on average- this is slow compared to others, but I can keep this up realistically. Others lose quicker, so it is down to each individual.

I still have a fair trek to go, but I try and keep my targets realistic at the 1lb per week expected loss, and this means I allow for all those pesky, but normal, slip-ups!



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The average loss for SW nationally is 0.6lb per week. There are some people who do 2lb per week, and others that manage 0.5lb per week. As cocktailprincess says you need to make allowances for holidays, Christmas etc so it's possible you might STS or put on in those weeks. To lose 6 stone in a year would mean you needed to lose 1.5lb per week, and i think that's a pretty tough goal! You can set interim goals after your Club 10, you don't have to set a final goal yet. A 1lb weekly loss would mean in a year you would lose over 3.5 stone which would be pretty good i'd say! Also without your stats it's diffcult to know how close to a "normal" BMI (20-25) you are as if you are aiming to lose 6 stone to get to the lower end of that it might be tougher than if you are aiming to get you BMI from 40 down to 30 for example. Whatever you chose everyone here will give you lots of support on the way i'm sure :)


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Lots of good advice. It is possible as I lost 7st in 11 months but I was completely focussed, changed my whole lifestyle and exercised 4/5 times a week which helped to avoid plateau-ing. But I do think it's sad that you're postponing your wedding until you've lost weight. Losing weight, even large amounts, does not make you a better or happier person - that comes from the inside. You need to make psychological changes as well otherwise you're still lacking in confidence and self-esteem but just a smaller size ;)
lol- i dunno wot my bmi is but i weigh 15st 6, will u work it out for me i have no idea how 2


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hiya, ditto what other say

Is that why you are looking at cd?

Also what height our you, then we can help with your bmi:D

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