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ok so I did it....

Shed loads of water tomorrow and back on it, have been spoilt as been on cd an know this won't kick me out, almost with it would to give me a.kick up the arse
I did miss having a drink last night, but felt proud of myself this morning for not giving in. However I think this is going to be harder to do as the weeks go on!!
Those who do have a vodka for 4 (!)at the weekend - do you find it slows your weight loss down?


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It will slow your loss down. Although it's zero carbs if your body has alcohol in it then it will burn that for energy before anything else. Vodka still has calories in it.

Not that I'm trying to tell you what to do or anything. Just that you'd probably lose more quicker if you didn't.
i must say that i have vodka most fridays and it dosnt slow down my weightloss. if anything i always see an extra weight loss on the day after but i guess thats just dehydration!! but the weight dosnt go back up ;) so i can safely say that in my case a bit of vodka makes no difference to me :D


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I always thought it was dangerous to drink whilst on a VLCD, i remember reading posts whilst on CD. I'd love to be able to have a vodka now & again, but would be too worried about wanting to eat crap all the next day x
It is if youre in ketosis. Personally I dont get into ketosis with Exante so doesnt worry me on the occasions I do drink. I just have to watch how much I drink coz theres no food to soak it up.

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