Ok... Something to laugh about!

So.. Today marked the beginning of my diet.

I was expecting to start tomorrow but my CDC said I could start today as I had only eaten eggs for breakfast.

I have just had my first shake... and I must say it was a pleasant suprise!

Anyway- I had purchased a jug that worked like a blender (has a little whisk at the bottom and runs on batteries). I thought this was a great buy as it only cost me £1!

So I went about making my shake.. whisked! buzzzzzzzzzz! and found that it did very little to the drink.

So I made the decision to take the drink and pour it into a glass to see if it had mixed or not! So I unscrewed it from it's base....

What followed can only be described as a tidal wave of strawberry shake whooshing out of the bottom of the jug. It looked like strawberry sick all over my kitchen carpet! Not to mention I got absolutely soaked in the process! :eek:


Note to self: In future do not unscrew jugs from bases that do not do so... as a result you will be taking the base off and a similar event will occur!

Hahahahah! :D

So if you experience similar nightmares... remember to just laugh it off!!
he he he ! at least you saw the funny side of it :D

i remember making my shake in the shaker without the lid on properly once, chocolate mush all over the kitchen, roof, floor walls and all LOL
ah no bbfm.. that's sounds exactly like something i would do!!!
Fair play for making th start today though... let us know how you get on girl!
I've just bought another hand blender so I can leave one at work - didn't want to pay much so got it from asda , under £5. Not tried it yet but hope it will be okay!
I'm on day 5 of my Cambridge Diet and so far going ok.:)
I haven't had a CD mishap that's been messy but I remember in the 'early days' I was chatting to hubby in the kitchen whilst making a vanilla shake and I absent mindedly put 500ml of water in my mixing jug instead of 240ml.

I realised what I'd done when it wouldn't fit in my glass: plus it looked horrible! Have to say the taste was hardly manna from heaven either! :( Watery, weak and gritty .... yeeeuch - I still remember it now!! lol

But I drank every drop because I didn't want to waste a 'meal'! :D