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OK this is sooo odd!

I posted a couple of days ago about how miserable I was because I had been into town and couldn't get into any size 16's let alone the 14's I was hoping to get into. (see my thread "differences in clothes sizes in different shops")..

Just been in the loft and got down my box of size 14's (yes, I have a box of 12's, 14's and 16's :eek:) and MOST OF THE 14'S FIT ME!!!!

How odd is that? I bought all the size 14's less than a year ago, all from the same high street stores that I visited at the weekend.. VERY VERY BIZARRE!!!!

But I'm very happy LOL :D
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M&S and Next have definitely got smaller, they should all have to stick to the same sizing charts, in about 3 years if you are a size 8 it will be something silly like an 18inch waist !!. Well done on getting into the 14's, I am off up in the loft tonight !
I was in M & S the other day and had a browse through the Per Una section. I am now a size 10 on the bottom half and a size 12 on top (boobs are back - hooray - and according to the woman who measured me for a new bra a couple of weeks ago I have "an amazingly pronounced rib cage" - OOER!!).

Well in one section I was happily buttoning and zipping myself into size 12 jackets but when I went to another section (barely 10 feet away) the size 12 were FAR too tight!!!! I could feel that they were too small as soon as I put my first arm through the armhole. Now what is that about?!!

Nice one on the size 14's. I can remember the day I got back into my size 14 jeans. When I started the diet back in April (started on LL) my aim was to be a size 14 again - I never dreamed I'd be slipping to size 10 jeans and trousers! It is such a thrill. Hang in there girl - it's soooooooooooooooooooo worth it.
Awwww what a lovely motivating message thank you fatpossum!! WELL DONE on getting into size 10's woooohooooooo how good do you feel!!

Weird how these sizings are isn't it, I guess we shouldn't get too hung up about sizings (easier said than done!) as they are all so different.

Thanks again, great post :D


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This motivated me into a trying on session....my wardrobe consists of size 10 - 18....working my way down, hopefully.:D

Just got on a pair of 14 jeans...very tight but I CAN SIT DOWN in them. Muffin top hangs over some. Heyho a smok top over them and no one will guess what blubber there is hiding.:giggle:

Only problem is running to the loo so much, because I had to lie on the floor, breathing in and with a lump of string to help pull the zip up. Then rolled on to side to get off the floor.. Just picture the scene, stuck in the loo trying to pull up jeans and then trying to lay down in a confined space...............Perhaps I better go and change!! :doh:
LOL at hedgemag, I really laughed when I read your post haha!! *ahem* mainly because my 14's feel exactly the same, I do have a mahoosive muffin top BUT I have one of those lovely smocky tops on so it is disguised nicely. Well at least they are staying up, the size 16's kept falling down and showing off a very unattractive builders' bum haha!!!!

Keep them on and well done for getting them on in the first place.. maybe in a couple of weeks these jeans will feel really really comfy :D

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