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okay so i just went for my gym induction

and i told the guy about the me being on the cambridge diet, mainly cos i thought i should start any exercise quite slowly ....

i have just had a huge lecture about the fact that ketosis is where muscle tissue and fat in muscles in burnt and he told me the 2 stone i have lost is mainly water and muscle, he seemed really unhappy about me doing anything at the gym and kept recommending i take a banana with me :confused: even though i explained several times why i wouldn't do this. anyway, the only way he would give a programme at all is that i said i was doing the diet for 2 more weeks and then doing low GI style healthy eating.

is any of what he said true?

also, feel a bit bad about lying, but i have 15 lbs to go til bmi 25 (my target) so actually intend to stay on the diet for about anothe 3.5 weeks until my holiday when i should be very close to that target - fingers crdssed.

the whole not eating thing had been really getting me down again lately and I had considered that when i cam back from hols i might not continue the diet but he has made me feel bad about it all - what to do next, have 2 weeks worth of diet left so will be using them up and i really really want to make sure i get somthing out of all this and not end up the fat blob i was a couple of months back

i have to go and see him again in 2.5 weeks when he thinks i will have finished the diet.
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First thing I suggest is go ask the same question on the CAmbridge forum here: http://www.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-forum/
You'l get a lot more answers :)

Right... does CD burn muscle? NO! My understanding, and it came from a hospital consultant, is that there's enough protein in CD to prevent muscle burning. YES it burns the fat in muscles and round muscles... you're whole body has muscles and fat, so that's exactly what you want!! Yes you do need to listen to your body when starting exercise while on CD... take it slowly and increase what you do gently... but there's not reason not to exercise... I think I'd want to see another gym-trainer to get a program... not one that expects you to fail ... but that's my opinion :)

he even asked me what my goal for 6 months time was and when i said a size 12 and more toned, he looked at me and said "is that achievable" :cry:

i am a size 14 at the moment - maybe he thought i was bigger cos i have big boobs and so i dont think this is unachievable evn if i was doing anothe diet eg calorie counting etc

not keen on him at all but kinda stuck with him cos its the 3 sessions you get when you join, well that does it then, will just have to show him who is right!

He suggested that when i stop the diet i could expect to put on at least 1 stone within a week - WTF!!!!!!!!!! well yeah, i suppose if i eat maccydees every day yeah, but surely he just dont know what he is on about
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What a complete arse! From a size 14 to a size 12 is totally achievable in 6 months in fact you'll probably do better than that!

When a friend of mine did LL diet she also joined a gym and had the same problem with her instructor. She told him quite bluntly that her diet was not open for discussion and he was sensible enough to leave it at that. People like him are usually very set in their ways and always think they know better than everyone else. They don't view things like the CD & LL as proper diets despite the fact they were devised by experts! I'd really like to see his qualification in nutrition!

If he continues to make you feel low i suggest you request another instructor or depending on how many sessions you've already paid for then perhaps look for another gym! But don't let the swine get you down!


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Oh dear, Gingernutlover,

It's always difficult when you tell a 'health professional' about LL or CD. If they've never heard of it, they assume it is dangerous (or even if they have heard of it). It's bad enough when you tell friends or relatives - they all start telling you how bad it is and you should eat this or you can't eat that!

I have just re-registered at a gym but have no intention to telling anyone how I lost 100lbs. I just want to do some fat burning exercises and tone up. I don't need a lecture, particularly from someone who isn't qualified to talk about VLCDs.

Just smile sweetly, nod your head wisely, and do what's right for you.

"From a size 14 to a size 12 is totally achievable in 6 months in fact you'll probably do better than that!"

I agree, CarrotTit, doing LL I managed to move from a size 24 to a size 12 in 6 months!
thanks everyone, am just gonna carry on in my own merry way and sod him then

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