Old clothes - too big!!!


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Hi all,

I have an idea. I have bags and suitcases of old clothes size 20-24 that are either too big or just don't like any more. All of them are in good condition and just need a good home :wave_cry:

I am sure that there are people on here that maybe starting LL that are a lot bigger than this so may not have clothes in these sizes. Maybe we could have some sort of swap shop going on :dooney:

What do you all think?
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Thats an awesome idea :) Im a size 22 on bottom and 18 on top at the moment and would prefer my clothes to go to some use rather than the bin when there too big!! :D (yn)
Would also save alot of money! hehe
Rachiie -ox-


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Awesome idea! I know I will have some lovely clothes that will go to waste if I bin them when I lose the weight.
Maybe we can do some sort of photos of them on here, or an actual meet up with lots of us doing swapsies? That would be fun.


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We started a swap shop at our meetings, clothes that are too big are put on the rail at LL and you can choose as many of the items as you wish but you must give a £1 per item and the money goes to a charity of our choice at the end of foundation!


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I've sold all of my size 28,26,24,22,20,18 and 16 clothes on ebay (took about t a onth to do it all!) Got rid of bras, magic knickers and all sorts and made nearly £800 in the process.

I know it's great to throw all your old clothes away but don't forget, it's the credit crunch and it's amazing what people will buy! It takes a bit of time but it's really worth it and so satisfying. It's like getting a little bit back from the fact I was so overweight.

I've bought some great new clothes (10/12) with the money I made. I'm saving the rest till the summer so I can get some lovely stuff to show off my new figure!!


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sounds good, who want to set up a website for it?

We could called it what goes aRound comes aRound, round as in a person, well ok its rubbish i know i was trying to be funny