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Old-fashioned Steak and kidney cobbler (just steak for me )

Old-fashioned Stean and kidney cobbler...(if you don't like kidney replace it with meat like i do ) serves 4....453cals...15.6g fat (From Alli diet plan book)

450g steak and kidney
15g flour
200g small shallots, peeled and left whole
2 bay leaves
300ml beef stock
200g chestnut mushrooms, quartered
225g flour
1 heaped tsp baking powder
1tsp dried sage
30g low fat olive spread
125ml skimmed milk

oven 160c/140 fan
put 15g flour in bag with meat and shake till coated,
put meat in ovenproof pan add shallots,bayleaves and stock,
bring mixture gently to boil, stirring the odd time,
cover and put in oven for 50 minutes

Mix flour, baking powder, sage and rub in olive spread..(til its like sugar grains..)
stir in milk ....make into a soft dough ,
roll out mixture around 2cm thick on little bit of flour...

Remove stew and mix mushrooms in... turn up oven to 200c/180 fan
(if sauce is thin add cornflour mixed with water to thicken)
arrange scones onto and return to oven for 15-20 mins
serve at once sprinkled with parsley

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I think i will Rach lol,

omg the moussaka was gorgeous gonna have to put that on !! xx
Can't stand kidney.......cobbler is good though :)

the recipes that are for 4ppl I make and freeze extra portions so I have meals building up in freezer..:)
exactly......it makes life easier...
that sounds gorgeous will have to try that :) need to get that alli book. is it in book shops too or just a online thing?
I bought it in WHSmiths....some bookshops hold it otherwise amazon have it....

The Alli Diet plan is the name :)

The recipes are great Sall....this week I didn't make any recipes from it and haven't lost weight...so I am back to my Alli bible lol xx
will definitely be trying some of these recipes :) and looking out for that book when next in smiths. love good old steak and kidney
It's nice also knowing what's exactly in your meals...a lot of ready meals have high salt....

The alli recipes are lovely not had a bad one yet :)


Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Will be trying the cobbler very soon - this weekend I think, sounds yummy!

I've got some stewing steak in the freezer, so hey ho, that's Sunday's tea sorted already!! Thanks for that booboo! Foil tins are rapidly filling up my freezer at the moment!
[email protected] silver tins filling freezer

The recipes in the alli book taste like homely food and you don't feel like your missing out......when dishing your meals out you realise how much in the past you have overfilled your plates.......I never feel hungry or crave anything :)
You can spread your fat content over the day it doesn't have to be 15g per meal......so you could have 10g at breakfast, 15g at lunch and then 20g at dinner....as long as you don't go above 45g per day....
its gorgeous....i do recommend ppl get The Alli Diet Plan book...although ingredients are over the 5g rule Alli is the same tablet but in 60mg.......I have never had side affects off the recipes xx
Not to sound too stupid lol but do you use plain or self raising flour and is olive spread better for you than margerine (not that I use a lot of it anyway just curious)


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