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Old me

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by boltonbabe, 6 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. boltonbabe

    boltonbabe Member

    So I have decided to really stop messing about with this weight loss now I'm at breaking point with it. So I have sat down and wrote a 7 day meal plan and have the food in to do it. First week should be easy because other half is in hospital this week having some jaw work done and won't be able to eat properly for a week. Sounds mean but he doesn't get the diet thing as just brings home crisp etc. well tonight I'm on a hen do so will start in the morning but part of it is at her house and someone came up with the idea of a old life detox. Basically there's a fire pit and the bride to be is burning old stuff that links to single life (I think it's an American thing) well we all decided to do it so tonight I'm saying goodbye to the olde me. I'm taking round my leggings and trackies and anything with an elastic ages waist. And I'm emptying the crisp et out my cupboards. Sorry for the ramble I just want to shout from the roof tops that the old me will be no more. It won't be easy bit it will be worth it x
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  3. LV30

    LV30 Gold Member

    That's sounds like a really good idea!! Purging of the old self and out of the flames will rise a beautiful phoenix!!

    Just be careful tho - hen party = lots of drunk women + fire pit (could spell disaster!!) lol

    Have a fab night!!

  4. boltonbabe

    boltonbabe Member

    Lol thanks love x we will be careful ?

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